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Rachael Soglin

Rachael Soglin

UX Writer

Life at Cleo

What Do You Do? Content Designer

Content Designer Rachael Soglin shares her background, what she's working on at Cleo, and advice she would give to aspiring copywriters in AI.

Grow Your Wealth

How To Relieve Stress: Shoot Your Bills Into F*cking Space

Cleo’s new game is all about turning down the stress and obliterating your bills


Can’t pay your bills? Here’s what to do

Struggling with bills? In this climate? Of course we are! Here’s how to manage your untamed bills safely

Grow Your Wealth

Fighting inflation and protecting your budget

Excel spreadsheet budgets suck, but our money app doesn't


Beating money stress with intentions

How you can improve your life with the power of your brain-piece

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