April 9, 2020

10 ways COVID-19 changed your spending habits

We’re living in wild times.

Part of Cleo’s charm is to help you track where your money goes each month. And as you can imagine, the data’s looking a bit different these days (obvi it’s all anonymized and no, it’s not for sale. You can read more about Cleo’s security policy here).

1. You’ve turned to Playstation in your time of need

Your PSN purchases are up 62%

2. That caffeine habit? Probably kicked

Average spending at Starbucks has dropped by more than half

3. You’re socially distancing from Taco Bell

The number of Crunchwraps consumed is down by nearly a third. Eating out in general? Down 40%

4. Local restaurants are still getting your support

DoorDash spending is on the up. We’ve seen the number of orders rise by 15.17%

5. Vacay spending is on hold

Between March and April, we’ve seen a 66% drop in your spending on that getaway. We know. It sucks

6. You haven’t seen your Uber driver in a while

The number of journeys is down by 55%. Lyft trips have also been cut back by 68%. Unsurprisingly, you’re not getting out much at all. Transport spend has dipped by 44%

7. Your sweats game is strong

Shopping spend is down by over a third

8. No virus can knock your relationship with Walmart

It was Cleo’s #1 merchant last month, and still holds the top spot

9. Hang in there, you’ll see your friends again

Entertainment spending is down 34%...

10. In less terrible news...

There’s been a 10% increase in people putting money in savings.   But bank charges still persist. Not cool

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