20 companies that hire remote workers

Looking for a job that offers more flexibility? Here are 20 companies that let you work from home ✨

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So we’re guessing you’re here because your current job isn’t so flexible and you want out.

Say no more.

Does a remote job mean work from home? Yes. Remote working lets employees work from the comfort of their own home, and depending on how nice your company is, it could also mean working in a different state or country.


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There’s a long list of pros when it comes to working from home, some of which include saving time and money on commuting, increased productivity, avoiding awkward office small-talk, and most importantly – you can put the washing machine on whenever you like. And then there are Zoom meetings, of course. Can’t forget those.

In all seriousness, it mainly comes down to the flexibility working from home offers. And 97% of people say that having a remote and flexible job has a positive impact on their quality of life.

Statistics show that while 16% of companies are fully remote, more than 44% of companies don’t allow remote working at all – what’s up with that? So all those companies out there that have the flexibility of airline cuttlery, it’s time to buck up your ideas because your employees are probably reading this blog right now 💅

PSA: if you know you’ve got the skills the company needs, but they don’t specify working from home in the job description, just ask. If they really need you, they might be able to make adjustments.


VistaPrint is a Cimpress company which was founded in 1995 (the same year Brad Pitt won the title of ‘the sexiest man alive’). VisaPrint is best known for business cards and custom mugs.

Vista’s now a ‘remote-first’ company, offering more freedom and flexibility. We love to see it 💯

🏢 Headquarters: Waltham, MA

💻 Remote jobs available: roles include engineering, customer care, and internal communications


Contentful is a content management system which launched in 2013 in Berlin. It helps companies create, manage, and publish content.

🏢 Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

💻 Remote jobs available: roles include engineering, people partners, and accounting


Amazon was founded in 1994 and is an American multinational tech company which focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and Black Friday (lol).

🏢 Headquarters: Seattle, WA

💻 Remote jobs available: if you’re wondering how to work from home for Amazon, you're in luck. Amazon has over 500 remote or ‘virtual’ positions available including roles in customer service, tech, business development, and many more


Adobe is a computer software company which was founded in 1982, making it the same age as Seth Rogen. It created that application which people now use to set unrealistic beauty standards, Photoshop.

🏢 Headquarters: San Jose, CA

💻 Remote jobs available: roles include project management, customer experience, and accounting


Experian is a consumer focused credit reporting company and was founded in 1996. It’s collected over information on over 1 billion people and businesses to date… 👀

Experian rates your credit score, shares your credit report with you, and tells you if you’re spending too much.

FYI Cleo’s roast mode feature will make you never want to overspend again 🔥

🏢 Headquarters: Costa Mesa, CA

💻 Remote jobs available: roles include customer care, consumer affairs, and compliance


Grammarly is that free online tool you can use to trick people into thinking you can spell super hard words and soak up all the credit for it.

It was founded in 2009 and is a cloud-based typing assistant that reviews spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

🏢 Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

💻 Remote jobs available: roles include sales, engineers, and marketing


HubSpot launched back in 2006. It’s a customer relationship management (CRM) platform which can help companies deliver a better customer service experience.

🏢 Headquarters: Cambridge, MA

💻 Remote jobs available: roles include sales, accounting, and designers


Microsoft was founded in 1975 – the exact same year a lady from a small town in Pennsylvania decided to grace our land by giving birth to (who would become) one of the hottest guys in showbiz, Bradley Cooper.

Microsoft is the most well-known computer software in the world. It’s also a provider of cloud computing services, video games, and excel spreadsheets 😴

🏢 Headquarters: Redmond, WA

💻 Remote jobs available: roles include UX design, sales, and engineering


Instacart launched in 2012 and is now the world’s largest online grocery service 10 years after launching.

Customers can order groceries via the website or app from the comfort of their own home whilst focusing on the more important things – like binge watching Selling Sunset.

🏢 Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

💻 Remote jobs available: roles include accounting, compliance, and partnerships


Airbnb was founded back in 2007. It’s an online service that lets property owners rent out their homes and has become quite a popular side hustle. It currently has 6 million active listings worldwide across 100,000 cities and countries.

PSA: this Halloween season, you can stay at the Hocus Pocus cottage in the remote woods of Salem, Massachusetts, via Airbnb 👻🎃

🏢 Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

💻 Remote jobs available: roles include data science, marketing, and UX writing


Swiftly launched in 2017 and offers retail media tools which can help businesses compete in today's digital marketplace. It recently announced it managed to raise $100 million in its series C funding round, led by BRV Capital Management. Definitely a start-up worth keeping an eye on 👀💰

🏢 Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

💻 Remote jobs available: roles include engineering, product design, and product management

#12 TTEC

TTEC was founded in 1982 and is focused on the design, implementation, and delivery of customer experience (CX).

🏢 Headquarters: Englewood, CO

💻 Remote jobs available: roles include graphic design, sales, and UX design


Zapier was founded in 2011. It’s a platform that allows you to connect over 5,000 of your work apps so that repetitive tasks can be done for you automatically. It works by connecting your apps and moving information between them.

🏢 Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

💻 Remote jobs available: roles include engineering, marketing, and product management


Founded in 1977, Oracle is a multinational computer tech company which offers the services you might need to migrate, build, and run your IT.

🏢 Headquarters: Austin, TX

💻 Remote jobs available: roles include product marketing, design, and marketing communications

#15 META

Meta is the parent company of Facebook, and was founded by Mark Zuckerberg et al (… or was it?)

It builds technologies that can help people connect and grow businesses 🚀

🏢 Headquarters: Menlo Park, CA

💻 Remote jobs available: roles include engineering, content design, and data science


Mozilla is a software developer which was founded in 1998 by members of Netscape.

🏢 Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

💻 Remote jobs available: roles include engineering, design, and operations management


Salesforce launched back in 1999 and is a customer relationship management (CRM) software which focuses on sales, customer service, analytics, and more.

🏢 Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

💻 Remote jobs available: roles include engineering, account management, and marketing

#18 DELL

Dell was founded in 1984 by one guy with a budget of just $1,000 bucks. It’s an American tech company that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers.

The all-important question though – are you a Dell or a Mac kinda person?

🏢 Headquarters: Round Rock, TX

💻 Remote jobs available: roles include sales, engineering, and product management


Indeed was founded in 2004. The website gives job seekers free access to find their dream roles (or 9-5 office jobs).

🏢 Headquarters: Austin, TX

💻 Remote jobs available: roles include development, business intelligence, and UX design

#20 CLEO

And as always, we’ve saved the best till last.

Cleo was founded in 2016 and is based in London, New York, and LA. She’s an AI-powered money app who helps you save and manage finances. She’ll roast the hell out of you if you spend outside of your budget and she’ll hype you up if stay within your budget 🔥

🏢 Headquarters: London, England

💻 Remote jobs available: FP&A manager

And if you’re looking for something a bit more casual, here are all the best side hustles we found in 2022 🔥

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Big love. Cleo 💙

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