May 26, 2020

$250 because the pandemic hit you hard – This is Random Acts of Relief

This is not a loan, there’s nothing to pay back – this is a $250 gift for those of you that COVID-19 has hit hardest

Straight from the Cleo community who want to help. This is $ distribution at its best. Download Cleo to get yourself involved.


Random Acts of Relief is $250, and a reminder that you are going to get through this.

You’ve probably heard, we’re in a crisis. What you might not have heard, is that 71% of you who need money have been let down by the government. In April, we had more than double of our Cleo customers reach out for additional financial backing and support.

None of that is ok, so we took action.

We built Random Acts of Relief to get gifts of $250 to those of you who need it most. How? By redistributing money from those in the Cleo community who want to help, and within hours.


Not much, tbh. We’re randomly distributing the gifted pot of funds we receive to existing customers every day, so download Cleo if you haven't already.

Cleo’s AI can detect customers' bank accounts that have experienced income shock – this means the $250 relief is directly targeted at the people needing help most.
Had a sharp cut in income? Sit tight, Cleo sees you.

What to do to make sure you’re eligible:

💸 Have your bank account/s connected to Cleo

👛 Have your Cleo Wallet set up – she will ask you this in the sign up process but if you need help just drop her a message saying ‘Wallet’.

👋 Make sure your notifications are switched on

The $250 will go to as many of you as possible. If you’re randomly selected, Cleo will send you a message (pst, get those notifications switched on) and an email asking you to secure your Random Act of Relief. You’ve then got 48 hours to claim it.

The $250 will come with a personal message from a gifter. Brace for some hype.


👀 Cleo’s AI can detect whose income has changed so that the people who receive a random act, are the people who need it

⚡ Cleo’s fast. People need relief now, and they’ll be able to get their funds within 24 hours, not weeks and weeks

👊 Our mission is to improve customers' financial health. This is more important now than ever

💯 We have a community packed with legends like Melissa wanting to help each other out


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