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3 million hustlers

Recently, we reached 3 million stackers, hustlers - BOSSES - in our community.

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Thank you for using Cleo to understand your money better 🤝

Here's to bullsh*t free money talk and owning your money, always 🎈

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Life at Cleo

How to smash your next career move 💙

Thinking about career progression can be a daunting prospect, especially when you’re busy in your current job. So many actions to take, and that’s once you’ve actually figured out where you wanna be. It’s easy to get lost in high-input tasks that have little reward.

Onboarding at Cleo, with a picture of two Cleo employees looking at a laptop.
Life at Cleo

Onboarding at Cleo

We love to make a fuss about our new Cleople, and make sure they’re set up for success. So we’re spilling the tea on our onboarding process 👀


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