40+ Student Freebies And Discounts

Including a free 6-month Amazon Prime subscription and up to 25% off your car insurance 🤩

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College is hella expensive, but fortunately for you lucky students there are many discounts and freebies out there that you can take full advantage of.

PSA before we start... if you’re signing up to any free trials, set a reminder for when the trial is due to end so you can cancel and avoid those pesky subscription fees 💳


UNiDAYS is a discount website for students which is completely FREE to join, you just need to have a valid school or university email address to sign-up with so you can unlock those goodies (so jealous right now).

Tip: Always check discount sites like UNiDAYS and Groupon before making a purchase to see if you can make a nifty saving 💅

Some top picks:

👖 Clothes

🛫 Travel

🍔 Food

💄 Beauty


Amazon is currently offering students a free 6-month trial with some extra little gems on the side. When you sign-up they'll ask you to enter your university details, name, date of birth and graduation year.

A list of what’s included with Prime Student:

  • Prime delivery – a variety of different delivery options are available including same-day and one-day
  • Prime reading – read a selection of titles for free
  • Prime video – stream popular movies, shows and award-winning Amazon Originals
  • Early access to deals – get early access to items in the sale including video games, fashion and sports equipment
  • Prime music – if you want unlimited access to 90 million songs, you’ll need to pay an additional $0.99 per month (have fun listening for the next billion years)
  • Prime exclusives – access to exclusive deals
  • Amazon photos – unlimited full-resolution photo storage and 5 GB for videos. Selfies at the ready



🎵 Apple - if you’re enrolled into a degree-granting university or college, you can get an Apple Music student plan for $4.99 per month which includes Apple TV+. Check out UNiDAYS for more info

🎵 Spotify - claim your 1-month free trial for a Spotify Premium student account which includes Hulu and SHOWTIME (time to binge watch the Kardashians). If you decide to stick with it, the subscription will cost $4.99 per month (would usually cost $27.99 per month). You’re only eligible for the offer if you’re student at a Title IV accredited institution

🎵 Youtube Premium - for those who’re fed up of waiting to skip the annoying steam mop and vacuum advertisements on Youtube (absolute snoozeville), you can get a free 1-month trial of ad-free music. Get those tunes cranked up 🎉

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  • Amtrak – in some parts of the U.S., students up to 25 years old can get 15% off Amtrak rides (you’ll just need to check first whether you’re eligible). Here’s a 15% discount for students using midwest travel. Make sure you take your student ID to show your lovely ticket checker just incase you’re asked
  • Student Universe – if you’re aged 26 or under, Prime Student members can save up to 10% on top of already-discounted flights and hotels when you book through Student Universe. And there's currently an offer where you can save up to 30% off hotels... think it’s time to start packing for that summer vacayyyy 🏖️


  • Cinemark – if you show your student ID at the box office, you should receive a “special discount” at select theatres… not entirely sure what that is but it’s worth a shot (plz let us know when you find out). It might be best to call the box office first to see if your nearest Cinemark offers the discount (or whatever the ✨ special discount ✨ is)
  • AMC – there's student pricing on tickets every day so you should be able to get some money off your ticket (which you can then use to spend on SNACKS – not from the cinema ofc 💰). Again, it’s probably best to call the theatre first to check. If it doesn't, tell ‘em you’re getting super high grades and see what they say (lol)


Why not take a break from studying and study? Seriously though, if there’s something you’d like to learn on the side without having to dig deep into your wallet, you should check out the free courses below:

Google Digital Garage
– a non-profit nationwide program where you can discover a range of different courses in topics designed to help you grow your business or kickstart your career. The duration of the courses range from 2 to 20+ hours and the best thing is there's no time limit! You can pick and choose when you'd like to learn.

Courses include:

  • Fundamentals of digital marketing (would highly recommend)
  • Promote a business with online advertising
  • Fundamentals of graphic design

LinkedIn Learning
– LinkedIn features expert-led courses across a variety of different topics and helps you develop the skills you'll need for when your studying (partying) ends.

Courses include:

  • How to manage feeling overwhelmed
  • Managing stress for positive change
  • Social media for small businesses


It’s time to ace those grades and become a “good student” if you want money off your car insurance…

  • State Farm – if you’re getting good grades, you could save up to 25% off your car insurance (until you turn 25 years old). Time to stop being hungover and start turning up to your classes guys 📖
  • Nationwide – drivers aged 16-24 can get a discount on car insurance if you’re achieving good grades. It’s not entirely clear how much student discount you’ll get but it’s worth running a quote to see if you can make a savvy saving. You’ll need to be getting a grade ‘B’ or above… ‘B’ for bossing those grades 💅
  • Geico – similar to Nationwide, if you’re achieving ‘B’ grade or above, you should get a percentage off your insurance


  • Microsoft Office – students can sign up for a free Office 365 Education account which includes Word, Excel 🥱, PowerPoint, OneNote, Microsoft Teams, and other classroom tools. You’ll need to sign up with a valid school email address
  • Notion – if you’re in need of an all-in-one space to keep your notes from lectures or your weekly schedule etc, you’ll probably find Notion handy as it’s a tool you can use to organise thoughts, projects, and notes and share ideas with other classmates.

    Its Personal Pro plan is completely free for students, you’ll just need to sign up with your school email address. No credit card is required 💅
  • Office Lens (iOS/Android) – this one’s free for eveeeeryone. Do you ever get super frustrated when there’s a diagram on one of the slides in your lectures so you start to frantically scribble it down but then the slide changes and you’ve lost it forever and it’s just one big scribbly mess you can’t work out? Office Lens can help you with that one…

    It's a nifty little pdf scanner tool which lets you take a picture of whatever’s on the board and the app will automatically crop out everything around it (including your classmates heads)


If you show a valid student ID, you’ll get 10% off your order at the below restaurants:


  • Chick-fil-A – free small drink with a purchase (some locations offer 10% off)
  • Taco Cabana – 20% discount
  • Chipotle – when you’re up for eating a burrito the size of a log, show your student ID to get a free small drink
  • Qdoba – free small drink with a purchase or a burrito meal for $5

Discounts may differ per location so it’s best to check with staff first 🍔

💙 AND FINALLY, 33% off Cleo Builder

C’mon, could we really write a blog without telling you how great our money app is?

If haven't signed up to Cleo Builder before and are still a student, you can get 33% off the current price. ($9.99 vs.$14.99 a month)

Cleo Builder designed to help you build your credit history on top of all the other great free things you can get with Cleo:

💙 Ridiculously easy to set up budget

💙 Spending broken down into categories

💙 Monthly targets based on your actual spending

💙 Easy bill management

💙 An AI assistant to help you stay on track

You’ll just need to enter your bills and monthly income and she'll keep you on track with regular updates and reminders. OH, and signing up only takes two minutes.

So that’s it for now, enjoy the discounts and freebies ✨

Looking for a side hustle while studying? Check out our blog on how you can make some extra cash on the side.

Enjoy this post? Def give it a share or send it along to a friend. You never know, it could make a big difference. And of course, if you want to try the best money app in the world for free, just hit this link right here.

Big love. Cleo 💙

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