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5 things you should be budgeting for

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We’ve taken one big look into how your spending has changed recently. It’s not an easy sight, especially for those of you who consider yourself partial to a takeout. But we wouldn’t serve up the harsh truths if we couldn’t help you manage them. Here are the five places where your spending has reached astronomical levels – if any of these sting, set up a custom budget category. ASAP.


Sure it sells absolutely everything, but how much of everything does one person need? Since the last three months have seen a 39.64% increase in Amazon spending from Cleo users. If that’s not at least 20% face masks, we need words.

Set up an Amazon budget.


Makes sense. We’ve all been stuck inside for a good few, and we either got so bored during that time that gadgets were the only thing reminding us of the future, or we simply needed to show how totally FINE we were when we started to head back out. That we definitely hadn’t ‘let things slip’. And did that solely by having the latest iPhone. 54.9% increase in spending. Solid.

Set up a gadget budget.


Like, seriously. Totally get that if the whole gadget thing isn’t for you, then you might’ve turned to food as the highlight of your day. But a 267% increase on Uber eats and 95.99% at Doordash. Are you ordering as you eat?

Set up a takeout budget.


It’d be more shocking if this one wasn’t here really. Cleo knows all too well just how much you and Target get on. Almost surprised that there’s only been a 28.38% increase in the last few months. BUT, given it’s probably mostly online shopping given the current climate, and we know how much you love wandering the aisles and chucking things in your basket that you definitely didn’t come for, it’s an impressive incline.

Set up a Target budget.

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