5 ways to treat yourself and work on your credit at the same time

Credit building but make it self-care

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Who else is starting to feel like the holidays run a little too close together?

You made it through Thanksgiving. Nodding politely to your druncle and cousin who wouldn’t shut up about crypto. And now you have to get them gifts. (Anyone know how to wrap an NFT?)

It’s a lot. So if you have to spend more during the holiday season – and oh it feels like you do – you might as well treat yourself while you do it. Hear me out.

What if you gave yourself the gift ... of good credit? ✨

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Yep, turn that holiday shopping into potential credit building. Shameless plug: With the Cleo Builder subscription, you can give yourself that gift and be on your way to living your best credit life.

"Wow, you hit me with the product promotion at the beginning of the blog? Bold."

Idk, the timing seemed right. Anyway here are some ways you can treat your credit self and regular self at the same time

💅 Turn your flight home into a spa day

Heading home for the holidays? If you have to fly, you might as well make the most of it and work on your credit at the same time. Cop the ticket. Get the in-flight WiFi. Buy a bag of gourmet pretzels in the sky. Throw in a mimosa. Pour one out for your old credit score. Feel good knowing it’s all part of your bigger credit-building game.

💅 Buy the Starbucks sweets you’ve always wanted

Coffee is life. Especially during a panic buy sesh for your niece who has everything. Grab caffeine to power through. But this year, go all out. Get the Trenta you’ll never finish. Add the espresso shot and whip cream. Chuck in a reindeer cake pop. Realize too late that you grabbed the wrong cup. Everything’s fine. Breathe. It’s not a waste. You’re building.

💅 Take yourself on a red-carpet movie date

Your niece also needs you to see her fave TikTok reveals. It’s melted your brain. Get out and test your attention span at the movie theater. Cry at the xmas eve redemption arc. Shed one tear for your past credit life. Spoiler alert: It’ll all work out in the end. Thanks to you for working on your credit now.

💅 Splurge on the thoughtful gift

Whether it’s a personalized Etsy find for someone else or a self-care kit for you. Get it. Although sometimes it feels good to buy for someone else. Especially when it's a present so perfect you feel proud to give it. Plus, you can feel double proud knowing you’re giving back to your score too.

💅 Get the Cleo Builder subscription

Sorry. But this makes it all possible. Don’t worry if you haven’t thought about credit before. The Cleo Builder subscription makes it much less scary or boring than you imagine. It can be festive, even. And as easy as passing off a store-bought pie as homemade. (We see you)

Get a slice of the credit building pie 🍰

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