March 22, 2022
Why Cleo

Is the Cleo app legit?

Answering your top search results

So you just googled something like ‘Is the Cleo app legit?’ or “Is Cleo trustworthy?” 

Totally fair questions to ask when deciding who to trust with your sensitive information.

You need to make sure that any app you give your bank information to is safe and secure. 

So you did good 👍

To make your research a little easier,  we’ve pulled together a few answers to the top searched questions about Cleo.

Let’s get started 💅

Screenshot of a chat with Cleo


Cleo (She/Her) is a money app trusted by 4 million users. She’s also received over 66 thousand reviews in the app store with 4.6 out of 5 stars.

So what does she do? 

Well, it really depends what you need help with. She’s literally your personal AI assistant that helps you make better decisions about money.

After syncing her with your bank account (read-only mode!) she can help you keep track of your spending, build your credit history, make a savings plan, even spot you up to $100 when you need it*.

And you do it all through text. That way you learn about your money in the realest, most simple way possible. 

You can also think of her as your big sister. She’ll straight up tell you you’re buying too much dumb stuff on Amazon, but in a caring way. 

Bethany Frankel saying "Mention it all. Mention it all"

She’s sassy, funny, and honest. She truly only wants the best for your financial health. 

Why do I need to connect Cleo to my bank account?

Cleo studies your transaction history to give you the most personalized and up-to-date information about your finances.

She can tell you how much you’ve spent on groceries this month, how much you can spend in a day and not go over budget, when the Verizon bill is due, and so much more.  

Imagine having a guardian angel who looks after your money, but also swears at you from time to time. That’s Cleo.

If you’re applying for a cash advance, she’ll also use your transaction history to determine your income and eligibility.  Important, but way less exciting than the other stuff.


Real-life people.

Right now, Cleo’s made up of 150 engineers, designers, writers, user researchers, customer champs, and many others.  All of them work here because they want to try and make a difference. 

The team is located across the world from San Francisco to Sydney, but most of us are in London, Los Angeles, or New York.

Not a stock photo. Actually us.

So no... Cleo is not run by a random person in a basement. Although some of our employees might be in their basements #NoReturnToOfficeLIFEE 🤘

We’re a real company, with offices, plants, morals, etc. 


We are ridiculously safe.

When you connect your bank account, we are only able to access your transaction history and data through an encrypted read-only mode

So we can look, but we cannot touch. 


🔒 We never store or access your banking login details

🔒 We use world-class security practices 

🔒 We have a $250,000 security pledge

🔒 We hold regular security audits and tests 

🔒 We have the same level of encryption as your bank that hates us

(Banks hate us because we’re helping people avoid overdraft fees – which is what makes them rich.)

Cardi B clapping


Hell no. We will never ever pull a Credit Karma or and sell your info. Your data is your business.

Cleo’s main source of revenue come from our two subscription products – Cleo Plus and Cleo Builder

You can read more about them on our main website, but we think we’re one of the best cash advance apps out there. And even better at helping people build their credit history.


It’s impossible for your banking data to be breached from Cleo, because we don’t store your banking credentials on our servers at any point.

And to protect your personal information, like your phone number and email, we use world-class security practices to hide your info 💋

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You know it.

As a part of our Cleo Plus subscription, Cleo can spot you up to $100. First-time users usually get between $20-70, but it’s up to our fancy-dancy algorithm 👑 

It calculates your ability to pay us back based on your past payments, balance, and income. 

If for whatever reason you don’t end up qualifying, we can give you advice on how to get yourself on the road to re-qualification.

But if you decide that you don’t want Cleo’s help, you can get a Cleo Plus refund within seven days of subscription (so long as you haven’t taken the cash.)

Make sure to check out this blog all about our cash advance and what’s included. 


In the United States, we support over 3000 providers. Here are the top 10:

  • Chase
  • Wells Fargo
  • Bank of America   
  • Navy Federal Credit Union    
  • PNC 
  • Capitol One    
  • Chime Bank    
  • USAA    
  • US Bank    
  • RBC    
  • Royal Bank 

If your bank isn't on this list just search your bank in our app. But if you can't see your bank there, we’re sad to say we can’t support a connection just yet.

As far as countries go, Cleo is only available in the US.

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We are not a bank. 

We know you’re thinking, but you're a money app, you do credit building, cash advances, you have to have some sort of banking component. 

It’s true... we do partner with banks to deliver some of our services, but Cleo itself isn’t a bank. 

We’re still a regulated financial services company, but banking isn't our jam. 


If you decide Cleo isn’t for you, our heart will be broken, but you need to do what’s best for you. We know it’s you and not us 👅 

Andy Cohen grinning and fanning himself

If you’ve made your mind up, just say "cancel Cleo Plus" to Cleo in the app and she will help you deactivate your account. 

Just note that as per our very chill T&C’s, if you cancel Cleo Plus within 7 days of signing up then you'll be refunded your subscription payment.**  But if you have requested a Cash Advance in that time, we will not be able to issue a refund. 

⏰ Refunds can take 4 business days to process. 

** This does not apply to the Credit Builder subscription.


We think so.  

If you’re still not convinced then check out all these people who’ve been using Cleo to really make a change in their life.

Ok. That should cover it. If you’ve still got questions we’re always in our DMs or you can email 

And if you’re ready to get started, just click here. It only takes a few minutes.

*Eligibility requirements apply

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Big love. Cleo

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