Forget Coachella FOMO. You're going to Cleochella.

Coachella weekend one just ended and you're feeling the FOMO? F*ck that. You're going to Cleochella for a chance at $500.

Illustration of an uber and free people logo at Coachella

Every year, influencers hit you with the Coachella FOMO.

It happens before your eyes. Suddenly Instagram’s full of girls in crop tops and flower crowns, everyone’s got a picture at a big ferris wheel, and there’s a giant astronaut for some reason? It all looks so magical…

But we’re going to let you in on a little secret: Coachella sucks.

What you don’t see on Instagram? The pizza’s $12, drunk bros keep stepping on everyone’s toes, and the porta potties reek unlike anything you’ve ever smelled. 

This year, it’s going to be different.

Coachella FOMO is out. ‘Cause you’re going to Cleochella. 

And guess what: not only is Cleochella free, but you actually might win $500 for going. So grab your flower crown and get ready.

🎡 type “Cleochella” to Cleo in-app

🌴 screenshot your favorite Cleochella festival moment

🌸 share it & tag us on twitter or IG

That’s it. You’re entered to win $500. 

$500 that can be put to a lot more fun than Coachella.

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