Cleo’s going green

And so is your bank balance

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Ok, yes, we are obviously very blue. Blue blue. The kind of blue that burns your eyes if your phone's on more than 50% brightness. But we’ve got huge green energy (the kind that cares about the environment).

In honor of Earth Day (22 April), we’ve got a challenge for you and $3,000 is at stake.

Save the world with your spending.

Whether it’s fast food, fast fashion or the ironically named Amazon, Cleo will tell you exactly where you can have the most impact on the environment by cutting down.

Say ‘I’m going green’ to Cleo and she’ll give you your world-saving roadmap and a chance at $3,000.

Save the world

*Some other green things we enjoy which you can keep an eye out for throughout the month (when not too busy telling all your friends to compost ofc): money, the date 4.20 and mourning Billie Eilish’s front strands of hair.

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End of year report, 2020

As we continue to power through the end of 2020, it’s time to look back on how consumer spending behaviors have significantly changed in light of the global pandemic. With a load of social restrictions put in place, everything from travel plans to socializing at bars and restaurants have been put on hold, impacting the ways consumers are spending their money.


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