Cleo’s haunted house is officially open

Face your financial fears this Halloween (for thrills, for closure ...for $500)

Two ghosts

We're all haunted by weird shit

Low-waisted jeans, questionable roommate choices, the way we tripped over in Starbucks in July 2017.

And that’s fine. It’s why we go to therapy. 

But what happens when it’s our spends that keep us up at night?

This spooky szn, Cleo's opened a haunted house

And all your money nightmares are lurking inside. 

But so is $500. 

To face your financial fears and find the prize money:

🏚  Type ‘Cleo’s Haunted House' in-app

🔪  Try and survive, k?

🕯  Share a screenshot of your visit

💸  You’re entered

Dw too much if you don't make it out alive

You can post from the dead now (technology really is amazing). Share your last moments on socials and @ us for a chance at $50 runner-up money. 

You best hurry

Everything and everyone left inside the house will be destroyed on Halloween. Make sure you make it out by then if you want in on the prize money.

She’s waiting.  

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