December 10th: Sh*t You didn't Learn In School

Need some extra cash for Christmas? 🎁

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The Christmas countdown has officially begun.

If you’re thinking of gifting this year but don’t wanna dip into your savings, we’ve got a list of ways to help you make some extra cash.

Out with the old, in with the money 👚

And if it’s an emergency and you need a cash advance, there’s a few apps that could help you with a cash advance.


How to get a cash advance
If you're a gig worker looking for a cash advance, Cleo's got you covered...

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How to make money without a job
There are plenty of ways you can make cash without working a 9 to 5...

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How to make money on Depop
Here's how you can easily make money straight from your wardrobe...

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How to make money on Cash App
A list of all the ways you can make money on Cash App...

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🙏 9 million Americans were wrongly told they qualified for student debt forgiveness… by email. Our thoughts are with whoever pressed the send button.

👹 The votes are in for 2022’s most popular fashion brand. Nike? Zara? Nope. Behold, the company who admitted some employees were working 75 hour weeks. Shein 🙃

Baseball player, Aaron Judge, recently signed a $360m nine-year contract with New York Yankees. Brb, just gonna cry into our wallets.

🤖 And finally, if you think you’ve been to a party that totally sucked, the EU threw a €387K metaverse party and only five people turned up. Tough crowd.


 Illustration of a blue house with a purple roof on light blue and dark blue background with dollar bills floating out of the chimney

It’s no longer true that you need a 20% deposit to get a place of your own.

You heard that right. Santa’s come early 💅

Here’s how to buy a house with little to no money, plus tips for improving your credit score along the way 📈

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Big love. Cleo 💙

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