February 11th: Sh*t You Didn't Learn In School

Roast your ex for $500 🔥

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Sh*t You Didn't Learn In School 💙


It’s coming up to Hallmark’s corniest holiday…

Romance is cute but the over-commercialized pressure to spend isn’t. So we’ve got a list of ways you can celebrate Valentine’s without making your wallet cry.

One money saving tip? Reuse an ex’s card.

On the subject of exes, roast yours for a shot at $500.

Happy Valentine’s ❤️

Blink and You'll Miss It 👁️

Cute but Cheap Valentine's Day Ideas
Get free food, movies, and cards without even paying a dime…

Flying pig with a massage coupon

Roast Your Ex for a Shot at $500
Because let's face it, your ex totally sucked...

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Budgeting can Improve Your Sex Life
Apparently, stashing cash can lead to a boost in libido...

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Cleo's 2023 Money and Dating Report
How couples and singles are spending and thinking about their money…

'Dating and money report'

News By the Numbers 🎓

🍼 Hinge launched a campaign that offered single parents $100 to use on childcare in time for Valentine’s. Cute.

🚩 Thinking of moving your relationship to the next step? Get to know their money habits. Here’s 5 financial red flags. Not so cute.

📉 Google’s chatbot’s costly error wipes $100 billion off market value. Be right back, just buying some shares.

👀 And finally, 3 financial check-ins for newly engaged couples. A chance for you to check if your partner has invested in cryptocurrency.

Spare Storage Space? Earn Up to $400 a Month

Illustration of a blue iPhone with a dollar bill floating out of the screen on a blue background

Picture this: It’s summer, you’re on a boujee beach somewhere hot sipping a margarita.

But how did you afford it?

Side hustles.

That’s right, you can make $400 a month just by storing other people’s stuff 📦

Plus, you can charge an average of $20 an hour by taking cute dogs for a stroll around the park.

Until next time 👋

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Big love. Cleo 💙

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