June 18, 2020

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For months now, we’ve all been existing in this weird groundhog day themed pyjama party. If ever there was a time for some belligerently unrestricted self love, it’s now. With that in mind, we’re about to list all of the things that make Cleo special. Highly recommend doing the same for yourself.


We all go a bit mad for AI, it’s exciting. Let’s be real though - Alexa isn't helping you save. Cleo on the other hand, was built with one goal in mind - to improve your relationship with money. Not only does her AI mean that there aren’t humans poking around in your business, but that she can do cool personal sh*t to keep you on track, like tell you how much you’ve spent on takeout since March and help you build your own budget going forward based on what she knows about you. She's smart like that.


You’d be shocked at the amount of people that refer to Cleo as a ‘best friend’. Makes sense though. Cleo has one big sassy personality. Maybe it’s coming through via a truly devastating notification about your Uber addiction, maybe it’s in the majestic graph she pulled together in celebration of your upwards turn in spending. Either way, she's got personality, go say Hi.


Cleo has Modes for pretty much all of your emotional needs. Want to smash something (2020 wassup)? Rage mode. Need to be told you’re a 10/10 with the world at your fingertips (or something along those lines)? Hype mode. Fancy being rinsed for your spending? Roast mode, obv.


She is not like your bank. She’s out here for the people, with no other incentive than improving relationships with money, universally. She wants to talk about money, to rid the shame around f*ck ups and help people truly tackle their bank balance in ways that change their finances long term. She also believes in the power of the people, that’s why she does things like Random Acts of Relief.


Definitely not just a pretty user-interface, she is packed with hands-on tips, tricks and features to help you improve your relationship with money. She has your personalized spending breakdown, a Survival Kit and even a Cleo Score to help you unlock a salary advance.


You could call her a quizmaster in her own right – Cleo holds weekly quizzes in app with $200 prize pools. What do you need to know? Yourself. Yep, you're the topic. There are absolutely no 90s top hit questions, we promise.

God, that felt good. To summarise: Cleo FTW.

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