Give yourself the gift of good credit

You can be selfish this year

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Shopping for other people is great and all. But have you started thinking about what gift you're getting yourself this year?

How about a dazzling credit score?

Lucky for you, the credit builder card* is sort of like a cheat code for credit building. 

It was literally designed to help you build credit. Because you’ve got other things to think about. Like your hopes and dreams. And what excuse you're gonna use to get out of your office's virtual holiday party this year. 

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So you’re committed to your credit score

Now it’s time to double down.

We’d love this to be 100% “no thoughts, just vibes.” But to get the most from your secured credit card, it’s useful to keep some things in mind. Here’s how to get your score looking really healthy:

Uh … use it

Yep, the credit builder card is there to help you work on your credit and improve your habits. IF you use it and make on-time payments. This reminds the credit people you’re trying to better your credit self. 

You don’t have to go wild. But here are some ideas to make the most of it:

👉 Use it for everyday spends (gas, groceries, Starbucks)

👉 Set it up to pay bills and subscriptions 

👉 Let it do its thing

Keep paying back


Pay off your card balance on time. The auto repayment option does this for you – it’s where the magic happens.

Also important? Paying off your bills every month. 

Some things you can do:

✅ Keep the carefree credit building option on 

✅ Set up bills reminders from Cleo to keep credit building carefree ✨

Add more cash to your security deposit

The amount you add to your security deposit becomes your credit limit. So you’ll need to transfer some cash to your security deposit occasionally to make this thing work. 

Give your card some love by adding money to your security deposit.

Stalk your score, not your ex

Nothing’s changed since the last time you looked anyway.

But over on Cleo’s *ahem* Borrow tab, you can:

🍔 See your score change over time

🍔 Find hot takes on how to boost it

🍔 Root for it like a proud parent

Be patient. A Queer Eye-style makeover wont happen overnight. Just see this stuff as the shopping montages along the way.

Montage me

*The Credit Builder Card is issued by WebBank, Member FDIC

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