July 10, 2020

Has the pandemic affected your relationship with Uber?

Yeah, that's tough

As we come out of lockdown, we’re being forced to slap the dreaded ‘so, what are we’ question on more relationships than we’ve ever wanted in the first place. Things that used to seem crucial have taken a backseat, and it’s time to get real. We'll do this one for you – let’s see where your relationship with your ride-hailing favs is at.


Well you f*cking love Lyft don’t you. Turns out when it comes to your favourite San Fran service, distance does make the heart grow fonder. For the last 3 months going into someone else's car would’ve been nothing short of a quest to hell, so staying away from the service for a little while you re-wired your brain would be pretty standard behaviour. But Lyft. You couldn’t wait to get back. They’ve somehow managed to see a 20% increase in user spending compared to this time last year. We ship it. Car it. Whatever.


So let’s imagine you ran up to Lyft, jumped on them and got off for 20 minutes straight. Uber, you did a sheepish wave a little too early, sauntered over awkwardly and then gave them a really mediocre pat on the shoulder. It’s not horrific, and you can probably pull things back with a little adjustment time, but it’s not great.

Compared to last year, total spending in May-Jun for Uber has pretty much stayed the same. Given that they’re kinda the giants of ride-hailing and have been on an unshakeable up each year thus far, it’s not a sexy trajectory. Your average individual spending has fallen by 16.5% too, from $113.49 to $94.70 within the month.

Like all good relationship chats, we need one final jab. To rub salt in the wound, your overall ride-hailing spending – so on any and all, think Flywheel, Cub, Wingz Gett too – has gone up. In 2019 it made up 1%, this year it’s at 2%.

Uber, we heard ice cream and Disaronno work well together.

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Friday, July 17, 2020

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