June 24, 2020
Money Hacks

Has this whole ‘thing’ got us better at gift giving?

From baes to BFFs, we did some analysis.

lleeRemember when we all shamed the friend who got the ‘gifts’ result on the Love Languages test? Those days are gone.

Since we haven’t been able to chuck our money at unsuspecting baristas, but have been craving emotional connection from our houses (read: attic rooms), it makes sense that most of us have become absolutely elite gift givers.

But, it’s time to find out – family, friends or baes. Who did it best?



“My mum got me a blanket with pictures of our dogs on it because we’ve not been quarantining together haha”


“My Gma gave me a plastic bag which contained:

1) A five pound note

2) Handmade facemasks

3) The puzzle pages from the telegraph


4) A block of cheese knives"


“My mum sent 20 easter eggs just before Easter. In 3 years of uni not one care package. 3 Months of lockdown and I STILL have Easter eggs she sent that many.”


“My mum sent me her homemade Turkish Delight through the post...”

ANALYSIS: As expected, we’ve got some BIG practical energy going on. There’s the blanket, there’s the full-on care package and of course, in true mom style, you’re being fed from afar. Circling back to the blanket with dogs faces on, and Grandma coming through with the pack of knives too, we fall ever so slightly into the unhinged side of things. What the pandemic means though, is that these are actually more iconic than not. What can we expect, really? Testing times are upon us. A new... normal.




“Two of my friends sent me a photo of their face on a potato. It was a very odd thing to receive unannounced in the mail.”


“I sent my friend a sewing kit and she sent me some basil seeds in return. The basil is doing AMAZING!”


I started making my own sweet & spicy pickles and let me tell you it has CHANGED the GAME for making sandwiches at home! I gave my friend a jar or them - Sarah


“I got a friendship bracelet in the colours of my pride flag! It was so so sweet and unexpected, really brightened my day”

ANALYSIS: We’re going to assume that this ‘friends’ section is made up of both Gen-Z and Millennials. In which case. It makes absolute sense that every SINGLE one of these is DIY (If you can class a potato with faces on as DIY. Reckon you can, but WTH is it with you lot and potatoes?).

No it’s not (just) cos we’re cheap AF, it’s cos we attach our egos to our skillset. It’s all we have. Truly shocked no one came through with a sourdough loaf but there’s always next time.

Some Truly personal works of art here. 9/10.



“My boyfriend bought me a washing machine…”


“a wicker basket of Reese’s pieces eggs from my man”


“i’ve started teaching myself embroidery at the start of lockdown and sent a little cactus cap to my boyfriend!”


“I sent my boyfriend a box of craft beer in the post so we could try the same drinks during virtual movie nights”

ANALYSIS: Is this section's chaos reflective of relationships rn? Quite possibly. Do we love it regardless? Absolutely. Chocolate and beer, the two primary foundations to any relationship of course. Hats with Cacti on for ensuring our other-half's flex as we return to socialising (either that or discreetly calling your boyf a prick, either way 10/10) and washing machines for... hygiene? We all know we will have complexes about that for years to come.

Transparent and touching. 8/10.

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