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How to Borrow Money from Allied Cash

Here’s everything you need to know before applying... 

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(PSA: If you’re in need of a cash advance, we’ve got an alternative. Cleo can potentially spot you up to $250*. No interest and no credit checks. Eligibility requirements apply.)

What is Allied Cash Advance?

Allied Cash Advance is a company which operates in various states in the U.S. and offers short-term loans and cash advances that typically range from $50 to $5,000.

They also offer a Netspend prepaid Mastercard which is a reloadable card that is used similarly to a debit card – for paying bills and shopping but without using a traditional bank.

How much can you borrow?

Allied Cash Advance offers installment loans, also known as Registration Loans. And if eligible, you could borrow up to $5,000. If applying online, the funds are usually deposited the following business day.

🚨 However, the APR amount varies depending on the state you’re in so always check this first 🚨

How does it work?

Here’s what the process typically looks like:

1) Application: Borrowers can apply for a loan online, over the phone, or at one of the Allied Cash Advance’s physical stores.

2) Loan approval: Once you’ve submitted your application, it’ll be reviewed and Allied will determine if you’re eligible for the loan.

3) Funds: Once you’ve accepted the Terms and Conditions (get your eyes on these like a hawk), the funds are typically deposited into your checking account unless you state you want cash or a prepaid debit card.

4) Repayment: You’ll agree on a due date which is usually your next payday or within a few weeks. You might be required to provide a post-dated check or authorize an electronic withdrawal from your checking account.

The repayment is usually biweekly, monthly, or semi-monthly.

PSA: Always remember: This. Isn’t. Free. Money.

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Make sure you’re able to repay on time before hitting that big old “I agree” button to avoid any additional fees and charges.

Short-term loans can get you quick access to cash, but equally, they can get you quick access to debt 🙃

… And this is where budgeting comes in.

If you don’t budget, you’re gonna be completely clueless about how much you’ve got coming in each month vs. how much you’ve got going out.

Here’s a list of The Best Budgeting Apps for 2023 to help you step up your game 🚀

Allied Cash requirements

If you’re serious about the whole loan thing, you’ll need to show the following when you’re applying:

💵 Proof of income
🔎 Identification
🏦 Checking account
(open for at least 30 days)

Allied Cash advance reviews

Allied Cash has a rating of 1.6/5 on Consumer Affairs.

Cash advance review by A
Review from Consumer Affairs
Cash advance review by annonymo
Review from Consumer Affairs

Need a spot before payday? 💙

If you’re not looking to go down the loan route and you’re after an alternative, we’ve got just the thing.

Cleo’s Cash Advance* is totally different to a loan.

It’s there for when you need help cover the bills until payday 💡

If eligible, Cleo can spot you up to $250 straight into your account.

✨ No credit checks or interest  
✨ Access to budgeting tools  
✨ Personalized tips to help you save  
Get roasted for wasting money  
✨ No need for proof of income

She’s sarcastic and fiery, and she’ll put you in your place when you spend outside of your budget.

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And the best thing?

Other cash advance apps require a specific income, but not Cleo.

That’s why we’re The Ultimate Gig Worker Cash Advance App 🚀

What do our users think?

Cleo has a rating of 4.6/5 from over 81,000 reviews on the App Store.

‍💙 “If you’re looking for an app to help you budget, it’s Cleo. If you’re looking to consolidate your info so you can see everything in one screen, ask Cleo. If you need help saving for anything, ask Cleo.” – Auroya S. App Store review**

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*Eligibility requirements apply. Cash Advance is a feature of the Cleo Builder Subscription.

**Testimonial Disclaimer: Review provided by customer to Cleo AI Ltd. d/b/a Cleo. The comment above is related to individual experiences or results. Individual results may vary.

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