April 28, 2023
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How to Get a Cash Advance Now

How to hitch a ride on the fast cash express 🚆

A Guide to Quick Funds through Cash Advance Apps

If you’re in a tight spot and need a cash advance now, you’ve come to the right place.

In today’s fast-paced, digital age, having access to quick cash during financial emergencies is crucial.

Enter cash advance apps – a modern solution designed to provide quick funds with just a few taps on your phone.


There are tons of cash advance apps that can get you a cash advance now but they’re all different so it’s all about which one suits your financial needs best.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the process of getting a cash advance now and how to use them responsibly. 🪄

(PSA: Getting an instant cash advance has never been easier. If eligible, Cleo can spot you up to $250* with an express fee of $3.99. No credit checks and none of that dumb interest.)

Firstly, What is A Cash Advance App?

A cash advance app is a mobile application designed to get you quick assess to short-term advances on upcoming paychecks.

The process typically involves connecting the app to your bank account, providing some personal and financial information, and requesting the desired cash advance amount.

Once approved, the funds are deposited directly into your account, often within a few days. And you’d usually repay the advance when your next paycheck comes through.

Apps to Get You a Cash Advance Now

To be eligible for a cash advance, you’ll need to provide details about your bank account, employment status (ahem, Cleo doesn’t require this), and repayment date.

You’d typically get a cash advance within one to three business days, but if it’s an emergency and you need the cash advance now, you can pay an express fee to receive it on the same day.


If you’re in need of a quick spot, the Cleo Plus feature can offer up to $250* with none of that dumb interest. Or credit checks.

Love that.

Why Cleo?

There isn’t a specific income requirement, and we don’t have to verify your employment status, making her The Ultimate Gig Worker Cash Advance App. Yeah, baby. 💗

And with Cleo Plus, you’ll get access to helpful financial features which in time, should help you build your credit history such as Credit Coaching.

With Credit Coaching you’ll be able to regularly check your credit score, and you’ll get your full report directly in the app.

In your report, she’ll give you clear information explaining your score, and the steps you’ll need to take so you can manage your money in a way that can help improve your score.

She’s that clever, she’ll even pick up any spending habits which are bringing you and your credit score down 👀

So, How do You Get a Cash Advance?

1) Download the best money app in the world
2) Connect Cleo with your main bank account
3) Find out if you're eligible for the cash advance
4) Consider if Cleo Plus is right for you
5) Decide when you want the money‍

💵 Maximum amount: $250
🏦 Fees: $5.99 monthly subscription and no late fees  
🚀 Speed: Three to four working days or today if you pay an express fee of $3.99  
✅ Repayment: It’s up to you when you want to repay ‍
🔎 Credit check: No
📈 Interest: Hell no‍


Chime offers a fee-free overdraft service called SpotMe.

It lets you overdraw by up to $200 on debit card purchases without charging a fee (unlike those annoying things people call banks).


Your SpotMe limit starts at $20 and depending on your account activity, history, and other risk factors, it could increase up to $200.

Remember, SpotMe is an overdraft service, so you won’t get cash into your account like you do with other cash advances.

PSA: To be eligible, you’ll need to receive a single direct deposit of at least $200 into your Chime checking account over a 34-day period.

💵 Maximum amount: $200  
🏦 Fees: Option to tip and no late fees ‍
✅ Repayment: Your next payday  
🔎 Credit check: No  
📈 Interest: No


If approved for instant cash, you can request an advance up to your approved amount in the app. You’ll also need to choose your repayment date which is typically your next payday.

In addition to cash advances, Brigit offers various financial management tools, such as budgeting assistance, expense tracking, and personalized financial tips.

💵 Maximum amount: $250 ‍
🏦 Fees: $9.99 monthly subscription and no late fees ‍
🚀 Speed: Instant  
✅ Repayment: Typically your next payday but Brigit says if you need an extension, you won’t be charged ‍
🔎 Credit check: No
📈 Interest: No

How to Use a Cash Advance Responsibly

Only borrow what you need: Cash advance apps can be a convenient way to get money quickly, but it's important to only request the amount that you need. Brunch can wait. 👀

Pay it back on time: Although the majority of cash advance apps don't charge a late fee, it's best practice to pay it back on time to help you avoid living paycheck to paycheck.

Getting a cash advance can be a useful solution if faced with expenses you weren’t expecting. By understanding the different options, choosing the right one for your needs, and using the funds responsibly, it should be a pretty smooth process.

But before applying for a cash advance, always do your own research first and check the fees and subscription charges.

And remember, try to avoid depending on cash advance apps too much and make a budget you can stick to. You’re an adult now, it’s time to do adult things. 🙃

And if you are finding you’re using cash advance apps too often, here’s How to Avoid Falling Into a Cycle of Debt With Cash Advances.

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*Cleo Plus is our subscription service, which offers eligible users cashback on your money, information on your credit score, and access to cash advances ("Cash Advance"). Advance amounts will vary based on eligibility. To learn more about eligibility, repayment, and overall terms, please visit: meetcleo.com/terms.

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