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How to Make Money on Pinterest

How to make money on Pinterest for beginners

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It’s 2023. Pinterest is no longer a place where people just go to find smoothie recipes. The site has evolved into a kind of search engine (call it a TikTok for milennials) where people go for a whole host of inspiration: decor, beauty, fitness, food ideas (ok, yes, some smoothie recipes), and, importantly, as a place to do research before purchasing a product.

There are plenty of opportunities to monetize your use of Pinterest.

Pinterest, like Etsy or Depop, offers sellers a chance to meet consumers in a niche setting. In this case, the platform lets you connect with consumers looking for inspo or answers before buying - so you have the opportunity to showcase your product, or direct them to solutions connected to your product.

This means Pinterest is particularly valuable if you:

  • Have an eCommerce business (to catch people in the research stage)
  • Are a blogger or an influencer (to drive traffic to your site)

Still not convinced? Here are some stats:

How to make money on Pinterest - 7 Ways

1) Direct people to your blog

It’s not just about sharing your blog to Pinterest. You can be clever about it.

  • Use Pinterest Trends to see which key words are trending for users on Pinterest
  • For each blog post, create multiple pins. Align the title, description, and image with the keywords users are searching for
  • Create boards with these optimized titles and descriptions in, and save your pins into these boards
  • Create article Rich Pins from your website. These will include the blog post title, description, and author information in your pins

2) Use paid ads to reach new users

Pinterest states that 89% of Pinners use Pinterest to do research before purchasing a product

Meet your target audience on their home feed, search results, and category feeds with a paid ad

Don’t worry, promoted pins still look like regular pins, but they have a much wider reach. Find out how to get started with paid pins on the Pinterest site

3) Allow shoppers to buy straight from Pinterest

Since so many people are open to buying when searching using Pinterest, make it easy for them to purchase their desired product without having to stray far from Pinterest.

If you’re offering an eCommerce product, you have two ways of directing consumers to your shop:

  • By showcasing your goods with a pin that directs shoppers to your website
  • By using Pinterest’s shopping tool to enable purchasing directly from the Pinterest app

This second option isn’t available to every seller. There are a few requirements:

  • Shopify store has a US billing address
  • Member of the Verified Merchant Program
  • Uses the Shopify app integration, and has at least one feed with the country set to ‘US’ and the locale set to contain ‘en-US’
  • Only has Shopify feeds (does not have active non-Shopify feeds uploaded to Pinterest)
  • Accepts returns
  • Has an email address for customer support inquiries
  • Exceeds monthly checkout conversions threshold

Find out more in the Pinterest help centre.

4) Use affiliate marketing

Because Pinterest wants its users to be able to make money from their pins, it allows affiliate links.

You don’t just need a blog to promote affiliate links on Pinterest.

Of course, you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to a blog or YouTube channel where you promote your affiliate links. But you can also share affiliate links right on Pinterest.

Here’s a summary of how to do it:

  1. Find affiliate programs and networks with products you want to promote
  2. Create pins and add your affiliate links
  3. Add proper disclosures and publish your pins

Or check out a more in-depth run-through on this blog.

5) Make your idea pins shoppable

People can browse your top picks when you tag products in your idea pins.

Here, you can search and tag any product you might want to recommend to shoppers.

Here’s an extra: you can also tag Idea Pins using affiliate links so that you earn a commission when people click through and buy.

6) Partner with brands

The paid partnership tool allows you to tag partners in your Idea Pins. Here’s how you do it:

  • Make an Idea Pin in the app
  • Add the paid partnership label and tag your partner brand
  • Once your partner brand approves the request, their brand name will appear on your Idea Pin
  • At this point, the brand can also choose to promote your ads, which expands your promotion to an even wider audience

7) Join the Pinterest Creator Fund

The Pinterest Creator Fund is a five-week program for content creators to learn about optimizing their Pinterest content, gain industry insights from experts in the field, and connect with potential brand sponsorships.

It’s a five-week program where content creators learn about creating inspiring Pinterest content, gain industry insights from experts, and receive potential brand sponsorships.

And because a financial leg up matters, you also receive $25,000 in the form of a cash grant, ad credits and an equipment stipend.

Find out more about the fund on Pinterest’s site, and sign up to their newsletter to find out when applications next open.

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