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I’m Jessica, 34 and a full-time student for the third time.

This time we are talking to Jessica who is all of the above and a wonderful mum. Let’s see how she spends.

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At the moment, I’m a full time student in legal studies. I’m a first-time college student in my family and this is actually my third time attending. Can’t stay away. I also raise my three-year-old autistic son and also have care of my 11-year-old niece. My relationship with my money right now is honestly a lot stricter than it has ever been before. COVID-19 has fully impacted our everyday comfort financially, as I’m sure it has for most people. I was on the verge of starting my own business ‘The Blonde Dawn’ which would’ve basically been a ‘Jessica of all trades’ type thing. It’s been delayed twice now but my time WILL COME. My main goal financially is to save enough to get my kids and I a bigger place. A one bed apartment was never in the plan so to speak, but we’re still grateful of course. A road-trip after all of this is over and a mommy’s day out are definitely goals two and three!


I had one of those not-leaving-the-house-days today and my fridge freezer was looking pretty healthy so I actually bought a big fat nothing. I was able to add some funds into a few of my accounts which felt like a strong way to start the week!

Deposit to checking - $54

Deposit to credit card (credit building) - $20

Deposit to savings - $20

Total: $94


Tuesday is when I get the weekly child support for my son. It’s not much, it’s decreased a bit, but it definitely helps! Other than that, my fridge was still stacked so I went full groundhog day and paid some more money into my credit building credit card. Rolling Netflix and Amazon subscriptions happened too. Justified as I spent a good amount of time watching Netflix.

Child support - $115.15

Netflix - $13.87

Amazon Prime - $8.65

Credit builder - $57.58

Total: $80.10


I spent ALL day doing homework and studying for exams, so a late night trip for ice cream was entirely justified. Well earned. Other than ice cream I just paid back a loan.

Super Sweet Sonic Secret Sundaes and Slushes - $7.34

Cash advance payback - $23.99


Today was the day. The fridge finally looked pretty skeletal, so I took myself to the grocery store and stocked up on supplies for my family and I. In hindsight, I spent more than I wanted to on chips. But I felt like a pick-me-up was needed. And like, four of them.

Groceries - $43


So I am incredibly pleased that somehow within the days I have been logging my spending, I found something that needed further review! I’m not sure how much longer it would’ve taken me to find out that Amazon has been charging me twice for the last six months! Will be on the phone to them and hopefully getting a bit of money back that I can put into savings. All of the drama practically forced me and the kids to McDonald’s for dinner.

McDonald’s - $35

Amazon + unknown amount but yay

Weekly total: 168.28

Where you’re killing it

Erm, transfer QUEEN? Whether we’re able to transfer financially is one thing, but top marks for keeping the will-power to do it, and do it hard in the midst of the pandemic. Your commitment to your savings, credit score and the future is admirable.

Where you’re not killing it

You’re great at compulsory spending, but what about your personal spending. You’re investing a load into your future which is great, but don’t forget to make yourself feel good in the now as and when you can afford to. More ice cream 2020. Guilt free.

Cleo’s tips

How about setting up a Budget? Cleo has just stepped things up and onboarded custom categories, and for free. You could set one up weekly and map out some treat money (so that you know you’re still hitting your savings, that’s clearly really important to you). It might shock you to see the amount you’re putting away vs the amount you’re living on day to day.

Third degree, caring for two kids, trucking through a pandemic and still managing to think about your credit score? Honestly, get onto Hype mode. You’re killing it.

Fancy getting involved in a Money Diaries? Let us know.

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