March 28, 2022

Imagine your money. Existing in the 2000s.

Story time.

Well. Here you are. An adult (legally, at least). And a lot sucks. 

To make things worse, you’ve been roped into driving home (price: a full tank of gas (-$50) and an extra therapy session (-$70)) to clear out your childhood bedroom. All so your parents can become millionaires selling the house they bought for a few nickels and a goat. 

You head upstairs. Your room smells like dust and Au De Curious by Britney Spears (+$20. Flog that shit). 

You give it a spray and meander into the flower cloud.


You slipped on a pile of gel pens.

You must've hit your head pretty hard; feels like the whole room’s shaking.



The room is actually shaking. 

You must have fallen and hit your old desktop’s power button.

You go to get up but wow these vibrations are a lot. You fall into your screen but instead of hitting something solid, you keep falling.

And falling.

What the hell?

Where are you? that...

It is.

"Hey... Clippy?"

"I thought you got canceled back in-"

"Kk Master Clippy."

Omg, w8. 

Ur thoughts. They’re turning 2 text lang.

U look down and ur jeans are getting lower. Ur iphone shrinks to a nano. Oh god. No. Ur wearing...


Clippy reaches out his sharp arm of metal n offers u a roll of Smarties. "Go on, it’s only 25 cents," he whispers gently.

U look around to check this isn’t a jk. But all u c is a huge Blockbuster surrounded by rows and rows of houses on the market for affordable prices. 

Yep. Ur stuck in back in Y2k. 

And you’ve got 7 days to recharge ur burnt out millennial mind with 2000s nostalgia. 

Oh…and to find $500. 

Go get u that money. Sorry it won’t buy you as much back in present day. But maybe your little stint in time traveling will show you that that's totally not your fault.

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🕰 head back to the 2000s

📺 share your fav moment on bebo (jk. Twitter or IG will do)

That’s it. That's all you gotta do for the chance at $500.

Go get 'em.

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