July 16th: Sh*t You Didn't Learn In School

It’s all about the power of your ✨twenties✨

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This week, we interviewed Cleo’s very own Paid Social Manager, Nergiz, on how she launched her sustainable underwear brand at the age of 24. Go girl 🚀

And if you’re in your twenties, and looking for ways to get thrifty before 30, we’ve rounded-up some of the best money tips to help save you some cash💡


How a 24 year old created her very own sustainable underwear brand...

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It's time to start stashing your cash and getting thrifty before thirty...

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Is it possible to profit without risk? Meet the 23 year old crypto investor...

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🌌 Nasa has released images of space taken from a telescope that’s worth a whopping $10 billion bucks, which will let us see deeper into the universe than ever before.

We're wondering if there’s enough space to launch a few people up there too 👀

🔎 Google follows GoPuff and Netflix’s lead as the latest tech giant to slow down hiring amid reports of a market downturn.

That’s Silicon Valley speak for “things are BAD.”

🥖 Soaring inflation rates are still hitting the US hard, with prices climbing every month. Even a stale old baguette could set you back a whopping $6.

And that can’t be happening – bread is life.

💰 And finally, Bill Gates plans to move $20 billion of his weath into the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, officially knocking him off the list of the world’s wealthiest people.

Now we’re just waiting for Elon to follow suit 😏


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Those of you who feel like you’re throwing too much money at your landlords (let’s face it, who doesn’t?), listen up…

Rent is ridiculously expensive, and no matter which city you live in, rent prices are persistently increasing

In fact, the average rent in Manhattan has jumped to a record $5,000 a MONTH, meaning it has increased by nearly 25% in just a year 🤯

So to help ease the pressure, Cleo’s got 7 hot tips on how you can save a bit of cash on your rent (totally legally, of course)💡

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Big love. Cleo 💙

Until next time 👋

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