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Meet Cass - Workplace Experience Lead

Cass brings all the vibes. All the time.

Image of Cass Briscoe, the workplace experience lead at Cleo

As the Workplace Experience Lead at Cleo, I wear a lot of different hats. Not only does that make me incredibly stylish, it also means I have a lot of responsibilities to ensure that everyone at Cleo has a great experience! 

I’m based in our London office in the Tea Building in Shoreditch, so the main part of my role is making sure that the environment is functional and fun for Cleople to use. As the unofficial ✨ Head of Vibes ✨ I also organise our socials in the office, remotely, and occasionally offsite – offering a variety of ways for everyone at Cleo to feel engaged and involved. 

I am based in the office 80-90% of the time, with the odd day working from home. The flipside of a fun and full office is that I spend a lot of time helping people and putting out fires (thankfully, no literal fires as yet!) and don’t always have time to sit down and focus on a document. So these occasional days at home let me work on large planning projects for events or office works, or get my head into a budget spreadsheet. 

Making a great space to do great work

When I’m in the office, I’m always pottering around making sure that the space is equipped and ready for use. And there’s a lot of space to maintain!

We have one large boardroom, 5 meeting rooms, 4 phone booths, 65 desks, a breakout space, an arcade machine, ping pong table, hundreds of plants, and a doggy sofa to encourage as many canine visitors as possible. 

That means I’m up and down most of the day, making sure everything is working as it should. I do everything from maintaining the coffee machine, checking the AV works in the meeting rooms, restocking the toiletry baskets, or filling up our drinks fridge (in the last four months of 2022 we got through a whopping 614 cans of Diet Coke – pretty sure I accounted for about half of those). 

All of this is to make sure that staff know they're going to be able to work efficiently and have a good experience when they come into the office.

It’s also my job to make sure the office is safe and functioning at all times- this means keeping on top of things like fire drills, risk assessments, and electrical testing. 

Bringing good vibes

Outside of office and facilities, I’m the Head of Vibes at Cleo.

I’m responsible for organising all of our company socials and engagement events. I run a weekly social in the office, as well as looking for ways to involve remote staff in the social calendar. In the last four months alone we’ve done a tequila tasting, board game night, pumpkin decorating, karaoke, cheese and wine tasting, Halloween costume competition, a poker night, not to mention our epic office Christmas party complete with cocktail bar, sound system, and giant inflatable gingerbread man!

Because we have a lot of remote staff at Cleo spread across the globe, it’s important we keep engagement and culture going online as well as in person – as a company we are very active on Slack, with 698 channels at the last count! You can find channels on everything from bread making to beauty tips, but my favourite channel by far is #huns- where we raise a glass of prosecco and live, laugh, love the best of UK hun culture 💅

We sometimes take our socials offsite, and even abroad. In September I organised a company offsite for all permanent employees from around the globe, which took place in Spain (Alicante or Benidorm, depending on who you ask).

120 people had three days of bonding, food, drink, and activities – and miraculously, nobody missed their flight home. It was great to get so many Cleople together, with many colleagues meeting their teammates in person for the very first time!

I’ve had an absolute blast in my first 7 months at Cleo. I can’t wait to see the team grow and the office space evolve! This year we’re hoping to host a few community meetups in the office, so keep an eye out on our socials if you want to experience the Good Vibes for yourself! 

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