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Money Feels: The 22 Year Old Who’s Working, Studying, And Following His Dreams

And all with a healthy work life balance….?

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Millennial burnout hit 20/30-somethings right between the eyes, but if Gen z can find that sweet spot between working hard and peaking too early, they’re the generation to watch…as long as they stop putting ipod nanos in their hair. I can say that because I am one (a Gen z, not an ipod).

Welcome to Money Feels: we take money taboos, rip ‘em to shreds, then throw them in the fire.

This week, we’re talking To Mason, a 22 year old bartender, budding musician, and Home Inspector in training.

Before you go any further, check out his week in spends (and gains). Context is king.

Here's a recap of his details

Name: Mason (but not really)

Pronouns: he/him

Age: 22

Industry: Hospitality

Role: Bartender

Location: Washington

Salary: $25,000 a year (including tips. Without tips, Mason earns $14.89 an hour)

Rent: $700 ($1400 split equally with his girlfriend)

Water: $30

Subscription products: streaming ($20), guitar lessons ($200), voice lessons ($110)

You play music on the side of being a bartender. Can you tell me about that?

I’ve always loved music. I play guitar and I sing. When I hit 18 years old, I wanted to learn about recording and mixing so I could do all the non-performing stuff, too. I went to college in Washington (where I grew up) and studied music and audio.

Now I can mix, mic; all that. I write a song, set up my home studio, and do everything on my own.

I’ve also started busking. I make like $40-100 an hour. I do math rock: I improvise and sing about the people walking past.

Home studio sounds expensive. How much did that cost?

I built it out myself. It was a few thousands dollars for all the equipment. The initial cost hurt, but now I don’t have to pay a mixing engineer or rent out a studio, so it paid off in the long term.

Would you ever want to give up bartending and do music full-time? Or is music just a hobby?

My dream is to make music my career, for sure.

I’m bartending to save money and be able to be financially free. Then I’ll invest that money. But there is something else in the mix: until I can do music full time, my main career will be home inspecting. I take my state licence test in 2 days. When I get that, I’ll quit bartending.

The average Home Inspector salary in Washington is $72,000. So I’m excited for that.

What’s your relationship with money?

I love money as a tool. It can bring you so much hardship or make your life so easy.

I think money isn’t real. It’s an imaginary system we made up. I view it as a game, and we’re all just trying to win points. Someone like Jeff Bezos is at the top of the system.

Even though I think it’s not real, I still want to play the game.

I like to use my credit cards to hack the system and find a way to make more money for myself. I want to build it up and not let it sit there.

I enjoy money, and I enjoy the game.

Do you ever get scared of losing the game?

I’ve had some big losses in the stock market, but I won’t ever be on the street because of money problems.

I have a huge support system: I have 10 Grandparents and I’m the only grandkid my age. They’re like a big village around me and I know at least one of them would help me I needed it.

There you have it. That was Mason.

Mason, remember us when you’re famous.

Wherever you’re at with your money, keep going. You got this.

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Big love. Cleo 💙

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