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My First 90 Days at Cleo

Oli joined our Talent Team back in January. He gives an insight into his onboarding experience at Cleo!

Image of Oli Kelly with Senior Tech Talent Sourcer

Hey, I’m Oli! I joined the Talent Team as a Senior Tech Talent Sourcer back in January. 

As I’m coming to the end of my first 90 days at Cleo, I’d love to share with you my journey so far and my experience of our culture.

Where to start?

“Our new joiners are a pretty big deal”. That’s the first thing I read as I opened my laptop on Day 1 at Cleo, and I certainly felt like it. 

One of Cleo’s core values is Bring Good Vibes; being our authentic selves at work, seeking out ways to support each other and celebrating our wins. 

Before I joined Cleo, ‘Bring Good Vibes’ felt pretty vague - how do you really bake this into your culture?

I saw it in all the small details on my first day. The barrage of Slack emojis and excited messages on my first day. When every member of my team reached out to me on my first morning to introduce themselves and set up welcome chats. My first catch-up with my onboarding buddy. By the end of day 1, I understood exactly what it meant. 

My first weeks at Cleo were a bit of a blur as I was welcomed into the fold, got stuck into my first projects and learned at speed. It’s been an incredibly rewarding first few months - I’ve been trusted to try new things, and I’ve felt truly valued for the knowledge I bring to my team. From my first 90 days, there are two things that stand out to me as particularly precious in Cleo’s culture. 


Firstly, we have openness. 

We strive for transparency at Cleo. We hold company-wide product demos weekly, we have open meetings for generating product ideas, and our fantastic User Researchers present customer insights to all of us every other week at Researcher’s Guide to the Galaxy. 

For me, a highlight was my first all-hands meeting. I was so impressed at the transparency across Cleo, with the snapshots of different teams’ work. In particular, Barney (our CEO) was refreshingly open about how the company was doing. He celebrated the wins, didn’t shy away from the challenges, and was completely clear on what our priorities should be.  

Career Growth

Secondly, Cleo cares a lot about career growth.

In my interviews with Cleo, I talked about where I wanted to grow my career. I’d already read Cleo’s career progression framework, which is published on the website. 

I knew that career growth was a cornerstone of the culture and experience working at Cleo, but I was so impressed to hear my own career goals quoted back to me in my first 1:1 with my manager. They’d taken note, they truly cared about what my goals were, and they showed they were keen to build the platform (and plan) for me to achieve them - that was special. 

Ramping up in a new role is never easy, but with the openness, and care my team has shown in helping me ramp up and grow my career, I’m so excited to see what the next 90 days brings.

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Life at Cleo

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