November 12th: Sh*t You Didn't Learn In School

How to not get screwed this holiday season 👀

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This one’s for those who prefer to do their shopping behind closed doors 👀

Thanks to inflation and supply chain issues, retailers are making changes to their return policies.

Farewell, flexibility. It was nice knowing you 🥀

To help, we’ve listed the stores who have introduced shipping costs and cut back on their return windows.

And we know a lot of people are tight on cash this time of year, read on to find out how to get a Cleo cash advance.

Gig workers, we got you ✌️


Stores are changing return policies
Shopping this holiday season? Here's why impulse buys could cost you...

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How to make money on eBay
If you find yourself stuck with unwanted stuff, here's how you can sell it...

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How to buy a house with no money
Here's how you could buy a house sooner than you think...

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How to get a cash advance for gig workers
Whether you're a gig worker or in a 9-5 job, here's how you can get a cash advance

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👋 Twitter users have been seeking alternative platforms. And one of those is Mastodon which gained 230,000 new users last week.

⚠️ The effort to ban the $50 bn TikTok is back and there’s rumors of it becoming stronger after the elections.

2020 has re-entered the building 🙃

FTX, one of the largest crypto exchanges in 2022, is on the brink of collapse after being valued at $32 billion earlier this year.

Just in time for your parents to bring it up at Thanksgiving.

💵 5 key personal finance issues at stake during this midterm election, including a millionaire tax.

Looks like Christmas could come early 🍿


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On average, households spend around $412 per month on food, so if there’s a way to cut the costs on the thing we love the most, we’re here for it

From $180+ worth of free food, to taking online paid surveys and making some extra cash in time for the holidays, we’ve got you covered 🧁

Here’s 14 money hacks to help you spend less while still treating yourself 💸

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