Rent’s out of control and we’re pissed about it

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Cue the stats

(you might wanna sit down for this)

💔  There’s now zero states where a full-time, minimum wage worker ($7.25 an hour) in the US can cover rent on a two-bedroom home. No, really.

💔  There’s only 7% of counties where working full-time at minimum-wage can even get you a one-bedroom home.

Things we can’t do: bring down the price of rent
Things we absolutely can do: offer up some info and advice that’s not just live at home, bestie ✌️.

1. know that helps coming

You held tight for your Stimmy packages, try and hold on a little longer for what’s next.

Biden’s administration officials are urging states to help those of you who are behind on rent because of the pandemic (dw, we’ll keep you posted on this via email).

If that’s you, don’t feel alone in this: you’re with 16% of America.

2. Do the damn roommate thing

No need to start picking out wallpapers with your latest Bumble match. But a good old platonic roommate; they’re gonna cut down rent, bills, and communal cleaning sh*t you never knew could bring you so much happiness.

Heard Roomi’s pretty good. Plus, we can help you with the budgeting side of things once you get there.

And hey. Flat sharing isn’t that bad - always somebody to take your parcels in, milk appears* (*but also disappears) when you least expect it, and say goodbye to loneliness because you will never again experience a moment of silence.

3. Move...State?

Don’t wanna tell you how / where to live your life, but if rent prices are the biggest thing for you, you might like to know that the cheapest US states to live in are Mississippi and Kansas. Check this out for more on that.

4. Work on your credit




Thank you.

Is avoiding credit everybody’s favorite thing in the world? Yes. Because normally it sucks. But what if we told you there’s a way it doesn’t actually have to?

When you do decide to move, we wanna make sure you’re good to go. Having a decent credit score can make Landlords like you (initially, at least). So we’ve made a card literally designed to help you work on your credit.

  • Your credit taken an almighty slap from life? We got you
  • No credit at all? Oh BOY have we got you.

Also - when you sign up to Cleo Builder, we can spot you up to $250* a month depending on what you qualify for. Because times are hard enough without freaking out over that last bit of rent.

If you wanna know more, go here.

And seriously. About all this rising rent bullsh*t:

👊 Blame the pandemic

👊 Blame the billionaires (for most thing tbh)

👊 Blame the system

But back yourself. We already do.

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