So this is where you're spending your money... thirsty?

Now, we expected some kind of shift in spending, you know, given the world is literally on it’s ass right now. But these. These are some weirdly iconic ways of coping with stress – here are the outlets with your biggest % increase in spending since Feb.

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Etsy - In 5th place with a 172% increase in spending is Etsy (for those of you who, IDK, stopped using the internet at Myspace, Etsy is an e-commerce site selling mostly vintage and craft inspired goods). Erm, wtf are you all doing, painting cups?

Uber Eats - At 4th place with a 196% increase we’ve got Uber Eats. The only thing not surprising about this is that it’s 4th and not 1st. Well done us, I guess.

Nintendo - In at 3rd is the mighty Nintendo with a 205% increase. We get it, leaving the real world behind and sticking to your Animal Crossing island is the best way to get through this. On you go, you're doing great.

Here's where it gets close. In at 2nd place with a staggering 235% increase is OnlyFans. Go and get a glass of water.

And the winner, with a baller 262% increase is Robinhood Funds. For real? The pandemic hits and you’re all out there INVESTING? So proud we could cry.

Honestly, if this was a test you all got A*s. Go get hyped by Cleo or start an Only Fans.

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