Some of your favorite black-owned businesses

They deserve more attention

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Google ‘top performing businesses’ and you know what you’ll find. The masterminds of SEO marketing and Amazon.

We know top performing doesn't mean best right now, and you know your favourite black-owned businesses. So we asked you for them.

We said:

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and you said:


Yes, through absolutely no fault of our own we've all become obsessed with Candles 2020/1 – something about lighting our own flames? Now we've got two wonderful Soy based products to shout about.

Yes, soy. The other thing we've all leant on over the last few years. If we're going to emit soot into our lungs (which we damn will for a good scent) we may as well do it a little healthier and go soy-based.

If you're relying on the sheer fruit of your spirit right about now, here you go.

And if you're all about manifesting abundance, like, 60 hours of candle burning abundance, here you go. Slow burners never disappoint.

"I've forgotten how to travel" 🌎

Damn straight, and good on you. An accolade of staying the hell home. But once we're ready to venture out, we're gonna need some help to say the least. And a site that helps us figure things out from the first cent to the last to say the most.

Here's the answer to both, you just focus on getting through the days until until you can travel once more – "Democratizing travel for all".

"Do the walls look like they're getting closer to you?" 🎨

Most of us have been staring at our walls for a little longer than we'd have hoped over the past year. to the extent where self-care now officially includes switching up your wall art to feel something.

Thank God for incredibly talented illustrators like Nikita making gorgeous prints for all around the house (literally, from posters to comforters).

‌One blog post isn't going to scrape the sides on doing your wonderful black-owned businesses justice, which is why we're going to keep it rolling all year round.

Whether there's a company you want to shout out, or it's a bit of deserved self-promo you're after – send them over to us on Instagram or Twitter and we'll do the rest.

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