The Best Budget App To Help You Reach Your 2023 Money Goals

Plus tips on how to build your credit history 💙

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POV: It’s January. You’ve decided your New Year’s Resolution is to set aside enough money for a house deposit, a well deserved trip, or just a weeks groceries (inflation sucks).

Buuuut, you’re not entirely sure how you’re gonna do it.

That’s where Cleo comes in – your fairy Godmother 🪄

Cleo’s Money Trend Report shows the number one action that people said they will take to hit their money goals in 2023 is to use a budgeting and savings app. And paying off debt and changing their money mindset tied in second place.

For those of you with burning money goals, this blog could help you reach them.

Here’s to better financial health in 2023 🍾

But first, a quick lesson in budgeting…

Why is budgeting important?

If you regularly run out of money before your next paycheck comes through, you already know why budgeting is important 💅

Setting a budget is a way of making sure there’s always enough money to cover rent, bills, food, and other essentials.

Like Ben & Jerry’s.

And setting a budget can help you save.

Even if you have just a small amount to put away each month, that’s an extra few dollars towards your dream pad 🏠

Sign up for Cleo’s Free budget app

You don’t need to pay a dime to make a budget.

We’ve got an app that will do most of the leg work for you, and a lot cooler than a boring spreadsheet.

With Cleo’s free subscription you can:
  • Learn how to make a budget
  • Autosave
  • Track your money
  • Get speedy report (replies from our Customer Champs take 6 mins on average)

To help ease you into the world of ✨ budgeting ✨, you might want to try the 50/30/20 rule:

🚃 50% of your income for needs

🍔 30% of your income for wants

🐖 20% of your income to savings and debt repayment‍

And if you ever go over your budget, Roast Mode will be there to pull you up on it and whip you back into shape.

In Roast Mode, Cleo will playfully shame you via GIFs and throw harsh burns about how much you’ve spent and how little you’ve saved.

Because sometimes you need tough love 💙

Questions? We’ve got a whole list of budgeting FAQs.

If this sounds like something your money needs, check out How to make a budget with Cleo

Cleo Plus

Cleo Plus is a subscription which gives you access to more financially useful features which in time, should help you build your credit history.

With Cleo Plus, you’ll get all of the free features above AND:

  • Access to your credit scoring
  • Personalized saving goals and round ups
  • Cashback at some of your favorite stores

And if you ever need a cash advance, you could get up to $100 with Cleo’s cash advance feature* (eligibility requirements apply).

That’s not even the best news….

The cash advance is interest free and there are no credit checks. Making it the ultimate cash advance for gig workers.

And why might you want a cash advance?

Because unlike payday loans and overdraft fees, Cleo’s cash advance won’t affect your credit score.

Statistically speaking, if you overdraft once, it’ll probably happen two more times that month, and at most banks, that’s usually around $100 in fees which you could be avoiding.

Multiply that by 12 months, and that’s $1,200 your bank is cashing in on.

The Plus subscription costs $5.99 a month, which is $71.88 over the course of 12 months.

This means those of you who overdraft regularly could possibly save up to $1,128.12 per year by using Plus 💡

💵 Maximum amount: $250*
🏦 Fees: $5.99 monthly subscription and no late fees  
🚀 Speed: three to four working days or today if you pay an express fee
✅ Repayment: it’s up to you when you want to repay ‍
🔎 Credit check: no
📈 Interest: hell no

Credit Builder

And finally, if you’re looking for something that could help you work on your credit score, here’s how you could build your credit with Cleo.

Everyone deserves a chance at working on their credit, and that’s why Cleo Builder was created. It’s completely focused on helping you build your credit history and improving your score.


What do our users think?

💙 “I highly recommend the credit builder. It really does help. It's straight forward about pricing and what it can do for you. Love everything about the Cleo app!” – Barbara S. Trustpilot review

💙 ”Love this app… my credit score has gone up 30 pts.” – Paul M. Google Play Store review‍

It’s time to start living your BEST credit life ✨

Want a shot at $500? All you’ve got to do is set your financial New Year’s resolution (and stick to it) 👀

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Big love. Cleo 💙‍

*Cleo Plus is our subscription service, which offers eligible users cashback on your money, information on your credit score, and access to cash advances (“Cash Advance”). Advance amounts will vary based on eligibility. If you don’t want to subscribe, you can also apply for cash advance by contacting our customer service at To learn more about eligibility, repayment, and overall terms, please visit:

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