December 22, 2021
Building Credit

The Cleo Credit Builder Card vs. traditional credit cards

It's not like a regular card, it's a cool card

A good credit score = more freedom

We keep going on about credit scores. That's because they can affect your access to things like loans, insurance, renting and even a job.

Unfortunately, like most things in life, the financially vulnerable are most at risk here. 

The traditional model doesn’t have your back

To build credit fast, it pays to play the game. This can mean using credit cards. Then paying them off on time. 

But with a credit card you're spending money that's not yours.

And if you spend outside your means it could harm your credit (don’t want that). 

And land you in debt (REALLY don’t want that).

But the Cleo Credit Builder Card?* It was designed for a new kind of credit experience 💅

Here's how a regular credit card works

With a regular credit card, you spend money that’s not yours. You borrow a certain amount of the bank’s funds. And pay back at the end of the month.

But the world makes it oh so easy to spend. There’s always a risk you could spend more than you can pay back.

A secured card is set up differently.

Here's how the Cleo Credit Builder Card works

With the credit builder card, all you do is:

🍔 Add cash, any cash to your security deposit

Even as little as $1. This becomes your credit limit and gets tucked away in a security deposit.

🍔 Pay for things using the card

Just spend as normal, wherever VISA is accepted

🍔 Set up carefree credit building (auto repayment)

Every month, your balance can be paid (automatically) with the money in your security deposit

🍔 Kick back, build credit

We report your payment history to the credit people. You fall in love with your credit score.

Again. You only spend money you’ve got in your security deposit

That’s where the magic happens. 

With our auto repayment option, you don’t have to do a thing. It’s all set up so it’s pretty much impossible to miss a payment. 

No credit check

Your credit score is less than ideal? Don't let that stop you from building it back up.

You’re invited to apply for a Cleo Credit Builder Card today, no credit check needed.

Apply for the card

*The Credit Builder Card is issued by WebBank, Member FDIC

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