The world’s on fire. How can we help?

Need some back up?

Dumspter on fire

Last Friday, the number of unemployed people in the US hit 22 million or basically every job created since 2008.

What’s the expression? If you’re going through hell, don’t stop?

There’s a time for dreaming big. But then there’s a time for just getting by.
Enter Survival Mode – a custom survival kit designed to help get through challenging times. It’s tailored around your spending habits and whatever chaos you’re facing.


👉Cleo will track your bills
👉Take your budget week by week
👉And make sure you don’t do it alone

There’s a lot more though. Like spending limits, help on overdrafts, tips on negotiating rent, even space to rant. We’ve also teamed up with a whole host of partners from around the US to answer your questions in a livestream every Thursday.

How to get it
There’s a lot packed in, but to get started, just type “survival”.

Cleo's chat responding to 'survival' prompt

From there you’ll have a few options like:

Bill tracking. Get ahead of your outgoings, find subscriptions to kill and a place to manage all the money you’re kindly handing over to your landlord every month.
> type “bills”

Find the essentials. We’ve made a tinder style rating system. Find out what’s making you happy and prioritize those purchases
> type ‘rate my spending’

Plan for the future. Even if you’ve not got space to save, you can still crack some habits to help out future you. This will be over. We can taste it.
> type “goals”

You got this

You can do more than breathe, you can stay informed.

Talk to Cleo, talk to us. We’re here to help. But like, you don’t really need it.
You are going to survive. And then thrive... like a fucking phoenix 🔥🦅

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Talking to Cleo and seeing a breakdown of your money.
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