These Days It Feels Nice to Break Stuff 🔨

Look, it’s a psychologically weird time right now. I haven’t spoken to a new human in three weeks, I’ve downloaded TikTok, and I’m still not drinking enough water.

Gif of Joseph Gordon Lewitt breaking a plate

And, of course, there are the brands.

All the brands. Brands telling me to breathe. Telling me they’ve got sweatpants on sale. Telling me to stay calm.


A lot of us are freaking terrified of what’s to come. We imagine a future mere weeks from now — one where our loved ones have fallen ill, all while we deal with lost jobs and a rapidly shrinking bank balance.

But there’s an elephant in the room (the same one I haven’t left in weeks), and it’s not fear...

It’s ANGER. And it’s directed at the absolute shitshow unfolding before us.

It’s enough to make you want to break something — right?????

Welcome to Rage Mode.

The next time you read Twitter (i.e. you need to calm down and deep breathing really won’t do), type “I need to rage” to Cleo.

This mode, unlike Roast and Hype, doesn’t have anything to do with your spending habits, yet it still helps you figure out your money. It’s part of what we’re trying to do during this hella strange time.

The purpose of rage here is simple: calm down by destroying things (virtually), before doing something less fun but still meaningful (like figuring out your new budget in a socially distanced world).

Just type “I need to rage” to Cleo.

My therapist once told me that anger is a way of advocating for yourself when you feel disempowered and vulnerable. When we become resigned to the state of things, we no longer get angry.

Simply put: anger is a human way to assert that you still exist. And right now, many people across the world still exist. They exist very, very much.

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