This Valentine’s Day, Roast Your Ex With Cleo

You’re better off without them. And you’d be even better off after winning $500.

'Roast your ex' text

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and whether you’re single, taken, or, otherwise entangled (been there 😬), we can all agree on one thing: your ex totally sucked. 

So this year, Cleo’s helping you celebrate the corniest Hallmark holiday by showing you where you’re spending the most and gassing you up for who you’re not spending it on anymore. 

Think of it as your financial thank you, next era. 

Best of all? You could win $500. Which is more than your ex ever spent on Valentine’s Day. 👀

Okay I’m in. Now how do I enter to win $500? 

It takes 2 minutes. All you’ve got to do is:

  1. Open the Cleo app and type “roast my ex” in chat
  2. Check your spends and watch your ex get read to filth 
  3. Hit “share” and tag us on Instagram or Twitter @meetcleo between February 6 and February 14, 2023

Then, just sit back, eat some heart-shaped chocolates, delete their number, and wait for us to draw a winner 🌹 

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Roast your Ex 2023 Giveaway Terms & Conditions

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