Valentine’s is over

You can come back to social media now

Meme of man looking back at woman

Congrats to the one person this year who had a great Valentine’s Day (enjoy the $500, btw✌️)

For the rest of you: Congrats for making it full stop, you can come back now.

Instagram felt like a wedding fair, the only thing emptier than your schedule was your DMs, and even if you did land roses, you've got too many houseplants to fit them on the window ledge anyway.

But still, with pain comes art and all that – so for you, we went doom-scrolling this Valentine’s 🌹 Here it is. The good, the bad, and the probably-ended-in-ugly-cries of Social media x Valentines 2021.

Kicking it off, we have the second worst ghosting you can experience on February 14th. We’ve all been there. Sending love and non-bot snapchats (P.S. 20 seconds? C’mon. Make em wait a little next time)

dvd twitter user tweet

It appears the supermarkets have also lost their god damn mind. But hey. We’re glad someone got to the pun before we had to make it.

Valentines day meme

RIP to this guy. Good luck teaching Spanish when you’re blocked, pal.

Ansar, you f*cking aced it. Like, 10/10. He knows self care is key, even on Valentine’s day. We love to see it.

Valentines day meme about being alone

Honestly, so did Miley. We don’t know what she did on the day exactly, but whatever it was, she was hyped about it (and amused, apparently).

That’s all for this year’s cupids and stupids. See you next time.

(please don’t have a ‘partner in crime’ by then)

(or spend money on a beef rose)

(Or ignore your spending)

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