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Have you ever needed toasting more for literally making it through a year?

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You know what they (we, this year) say – “If you can’t beat it, toast to it”. Here’s to your absolutely outrageous 2020 spending.

Why on earth would you want to toast that? The loo roll, the antibac, the obscene levels of takeout and the BANK CHARGES. They all happened. There’s no swerving that. What we can swerve though, is the shame you might feel around your spending – so, it's time to celebrate. Here’s to you and your… quirks.

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Let’s embrace them.

Say 'Toast me' to Cleo and she'll take you through your 2020's big money moments. Scary, sure. But bravery and self-acceptance get rewarded with Cleo.

It’s time to toast your year.

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And we mean yours, you, reading this. Brace brace to stare your spending in the face, this is a breakdown of your 2020 stats. Here’s to the literally unexplainable.

Here here 👏

To really celebrate your spending though, we want you toasting it in public too. That’s why one of you’s getting $1,000 for sharing a shocking moment from your round-up on your socials from now until Jan 3rd 2021 (!!!).

Screenshot and share your favourite part, tag us on Instagram or Twitter, and you're in the running for $1,000.

Toast yourself 🥂

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