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What I spend In A Week: The 22 Year Old On $25,000

Dude made $467 extra cash in 7 days

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Mason’s a 22 year old bartender living with his girlfriend in Washington.

Between shifts, Mason keeps himself busy with stuff like studying for Home Inspection exams, being a musician, investing, and giving away literal blood plasma. You know, just usual 22 year old things.

Mason agreed to walk us through his week in spends. It’s gonna be a good one, so stick around.

Now, Mason’s got some serious side hustle energy going on, so we’re including his earnings from anything outside his main bartending income, too. If you don’t like it, tough.

Let’s get better acquainted

Name: Mason (but not really)

Pronouns: he/him

Age: 22

Industry: Hospitality

Role: Bartender

Location: Washington

Salary: $25,000 a year (including tips. Without tips, Mason earns $14.89 an hour)

Rent: $700 ($1400 split equally with his girlfriend)

Water: $30

Subscription products: streaming ($20), guitar lessons ($200), voice lessons ($110)

Mason’s week


On Monday morning, I donated plasma. I made $110 for that.

Writer’s note: Mason described this morning as “not doing much” then announced he donated a literal part of his body. Mason, I had microwaved coffee for breakfast yesterday. Don’t try me.

I didn’t do much else. I drank a lot of water then went to work. For lunch, I got a taco from the place I work ($1.50).

I didn’t spend anything else that day. I went home and had frozen pizza.

Total spent: $1.50

Total made: $110

When you do the math: +$108.50 😎😎😎


I had the day off work. I bought a coffee from the local stand that I always go to ($2.75).

I was playing at an open mic that evening, so for the rest of the day I practised. In the evening, me and my girlfriend drove to a town about an hour south for the event.

Only thing is, when we got there I was too late to sign up. But hey, it was still fun. We hung out, then got some fish & chips and a beer ($23 for mine), and got to see everyone else play.

On the drive home I filled up my tank ($55).

Total spent: $80.75


Another day of no work. First thing I did was grab a coffee from the stall ($2.75) and a breakfast sandwich because I’m too lazy to make my own ($5).

My girlfriend’s family were in town, so we had lunch with them. They paid for it, so we didn’t spend anything else all day.

Total spent: $7.25


Me and my girlfriend both had the day off today. I know it seems like I don’t work much; normally I do 4 or 5 days bartending a week. I’m cutting it down to 3 because I’m studying, and this week I only worked 2 because I have an exam in 2 days.

Click here to skip to the part about Mason’s studying, working, and being a musician if you want. But make sure you come back and see how his week turns out.

Anyway, in the morning me and my girlfriend did some shopping and got groceries (we spilt it evenly, so $45 each).

Then I had another open mic. This time I was able to play. It was a cool local bar in down town. I bought a couple drinks ($15). It was a good night.

Total spent: $60


Ofc, I got a coffee from the stand ($2.75).

For breakfast and lunch I had microwave meals.

After lunch, I headed out to busk. What’s awesome is my busking is all improv. I sing about people as they walk past me. It’s called math rock. People seem to find it funny.

I grabbed a slice of pizza from across the street to fuel me to keep singing ($5). It was sunny, and I made solid tips ($80). So overall, a good Friday.

Total spent: $7.75

Total earned: $80

When you do the math: +$72.25


Another day of busking. This time, at the farmers market. I got a scone there, too ($3).

At lunch, I came home and rejuvenated. Then I headed back out for the evening to busk again. I made $140 tips overall. Big music day.

Total spent: $3

Total earned: $140

If you do the math: +$137


I made myself breakfast at home, then got a haircut ($23 + $4 tip).

My girlfriend and I had a family barbecue like an hour way.  That took up our whole afternoon. It meant we ate lunch and dinner for free. (Writer’s note: that’s what I call good family connections).

The only real expense from the afternoon is the gas we used, but idk how much that will come to.

Total spent: $27

Spends from the week: $187.25

Non-salary income from the week: $467

The Money Move We Love To See 💅

🕺 Look 🕺 at 🕺 that 🕺 weekly 🕺 profit 🕺

And look at it being from something you love.

$280 is a massive amount to be earning in extra cash in just one week.

Literally, go little rockstar.

(Fun fact: some say if you invest $100 a week it’ll be $240k in 30 years)

Try these small changes. They could make your money go a long way 💙

🎸 Make more money busking with digital payments

People don’t carry cash like they used to, and more and more places around America are accepting contactless payments.

Have a think about investing in a card machine for your busking. There’s plenty to choose from. Eg. Paypal has iZettle. Start by checking that one out and seeing if it’s something you’d like to try.

🥦 Join your local ‘Buy Nothing’ Facebook group

You mentioned microwave meals a few times in your week. If this is a choice, ignore our suggestion and keep living your happiest life.

But if it’s because of money (I’m presuming it at least partly is considering I bought a pack of raspberries for a whole $8 yesterday 🙃), then this tip could be great for you and your girlfriend.

People give away stuff they won’t use. That’s it. That’s the concept. If someone’s going on vacation but have veg in the fridge that will go bad, they put it on Buy Nothing.

Here’s one we found in Washington after a quick google. It might not be the closest to you, but they’re everywhere, so dig around.

🎙 If you’re ever short on cash, try Fiver

Mason, you mentioned in your Money Feels that you have a sweet home studio set up going on.

If you can’t busk as much when Winter weather comes around and you’re strapped for cash, have a think about freelancing.

Fiver’s super simple to use, and you can provide pretty much any service you want. Math rock is unique as hell, so you’d have a mega niche.

Hope all of this helps. We’re rooting for you.

Want a go? 🫶

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Wherever you’re at with your money, keep going. You got this.

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Big love. Cleo 💙

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