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What I Spend In A Week: The 23 Year Old On $82,500

Plus, the easiest tips around for money hack newbies 

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A lot of adults live with their parents. Hey, if it’s an option for you, it’s a great way to save money.

But what happens when more years at home doesn’t equal more money in the bank?

You’re about to see a week in the life of Beth, a 23 year old Financial Analyst living with her family in Chicago. Beth’s salary is $82k, but she’s struggling to hold onto her money. Read more about those struggles in this week's Money Feels.

Stick around to see Beth’s spends, and the tips and tricks that we, the best money app around, have put together for her, you, and anyone else who needs them.

First, Beth’s Details

Name: Beth* (*not really. You know the deal by now)

Pronouns: She/Her

Location: Chicago

Job: Analyst

Industry: Finance

Yearly Salary: $82,500 (25% goes to taxes, and 31% to Beth’s 401k)

Pay check amount (biweekly): $1550

Savings: $1,000

Beth’s monthly expenses

Rent: $0. She lives at home

Utilities: $0

Subscription products: Gym ($190)

What Beth Spends in a Week


My parents were out of town. This was a public holiday, so I had the day off work and didn’t want to do anything.

I was in charge of feeding my younger sibling and cousin who lives with us. I didn’t feel like cooking so we ordered sushi and fried chicken ($100).

Monday’s total: $100


Back to work. I work Monday - Thursday in the office. They only require us to come in 3 times a week but I normally do 4. Home gets crowded, so I prefer it there.

Instead of buying a coffee on my way, I made one at home. Gotta save that money.

In the afternoon, I spent $44 on a pair of sunglasses I had been wanting from The Real Real (my fav app). I mainly use the app because I just like to look at the clothes. This time though, I had a coupon, so I got the glasses cheap.

I also grabbed a $1.12 fountain drink at McDonald’s as a pick-me-up during work. I go here because it’s cheaper caffeine than a $7 coffee from Starbucks.

After work I went to Trader Joes ($40) to get ingredients for tomorrow’s lunch. I like different food than my family, so I buy my own groceries. They normally eat mine too. I don’t pay rent, so it’s totally fair.

I need to get better at making lunches at home. When I work remotely, it’s easy to make lunch. I can sleep in until 8am and make lunch in real time. When I have to get up and do the journey to work (about 40 mins), I find it way harder.

Tuesday’s total: $89.12


I’ve been trying to sort out somebody’s will. I didn’t want to spend money on an attorney, so my friend’s mom reviewed the will for me as a favor. Me and my dad agreed I should get her a nice gift, so I gave her some flowers ($150).

I had a bad day at work. So I went to Sephora and bought some skin care products ($60). The store is right by where I work, so I always go there if I’ve had a tough day. I’m a member though, so I had a $10 off coupon. I got a discount and points, at least..

Wednesday’s total: $210


I woke up and needed to go to the office, but my car had an expired ticket (I do get the train to work, but I have to drive to the train station).

My sister was out of town, so I took her car. I put a tiny bit of gas in there just so the light would go off and she wouldn’t know I’d used it. ($15)

On the way home from work, I bought donuts from a local store ($8). They were for my cousin and me, it was National Donut Day, so why not?

I also grabbed some more groceries ($21) because my family ate my leftovers from Tuesday.

Thursday’s total: $44


Friday was another day at the office.

For lunch, I went to Chick-Fil-A ($12). I have rewards so I can get points and free meals. I got free fries this time. I grabbed 2 fountain drinks from McDonald’s: one for me, one for a colleague ($2.98).

In the evening, I went out for drinks with a friend from high school. She paid for my drink ($0😎). I hate Ubering, but I knew I’d have alcohol, so I spent $20 on a ride there and $40 to go home.

Friday’s total: $74.98


I didn’t spend anything on Saturday. I did run 7 miles though.

Saturday’s total: $0.


I was supposed to do a Catch Me If You Can workout class in the morning. I woke up so sore from Saturday’s run that I had to cancel. That’s a $12 cancellation cost.

Sunday’s total: $12

Beth’s weekly total: $530.10

The Money Moves We Love To See 💅

💛 Keep being you

Beth, you’re so obviously a super caring person. You look after your sibling, cousin, and aunt, and help out your parents on weekends. You’re doing literally the most. Don’t be hard on yourself about overspending sometimes.

Money is there for when you need it. And right now, it seems like your big monthly expense is going to Texas to see your aunt. Quality time with family > having enough savings to move out.

🎫 We see you, Loyalty card Queen

Don’t love that you go to Sephora when you’re sad ☹️

Do love that you’re wiping your tears away with your loyalty card 🕶

P.S. If you’re reading this and wondering where the hell anybody said Beth was sad-girl-Sephora-shopping: look no further. When you’re done with this blog, go learn about Beth’s relationship with money.

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Wherever you’re at with your money, keep going. You got this.

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