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What I Spend In A Week: The 28 Year Old On $250,000

We’re back. And we brought $60 sushi.

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This week we spoke with Christina, a Senior Product Manager in New York City. Christina’s pretty financially stable, and is no stranger to a side hustle or two. She actually launched a project in college that ended up being a freakin’ venture-backed start-up.

Pretty impressive, right?

Read how she got to where she is, and how she feels about money, in Money Feels, right here.

But for now, let’s take a look at her week in spends.

Quick note from us: Christina talks about crypto and investing in this article. All views expressed are hers, not Cleo's. If you’re thinking of investing, make sure you do it responsibly. Mwah. 💋

Christina’s Details

Name: Christina* (*not really, but for this article? Sure, Christina it is)

Pronouns: She/Her

Location: New York City

Job: Senior Product Manager

Industry: Entertainment

Yearly Salary: $250,000

Christina’s expenses

Rent: $6,200 (shared with her boyfriend. They both pay $3,100)

Utilities: $200

Subscription products: $500 (this includes Hulu, Netflix, Soho House, and Nutrafol)

Christina’s savings

In the bank: $10,000

in the stock market: $50,000

In crypto: $30,000

Christina’s week in numbers


I woke up hungry. I don’t always have breakfast, but I was going to the office early, So I grabbed some food from the bodega next to my apartment ($15).

My office has free snacks and coffee, so that took me through until lunch. Then I had a $10 lunch at the company cafeteria. After work, I met my boyfriend for sushi. I paid $60.

Monday's total: $85


On Tuesday I worked from home. For lunch, I got a sandwich ($20). I ordered it on Uber Eats, so it was kinda pricey. I also got a $7 coffee. My boyfriend and I cooked at home for dinner.

Later on, I went clothes shopping ($120). This isn’t a super regular thing. I go shopping maybe once a month.

Tuesday’s total: $147


In the morning, I grabbed a $15 breakfast from the bodega next to my apartment omw to work. The office was giving out free lunches. So lunch was $0.

Writer’s note: get it girl

After work, I met up with my friends for dinner. My food came to $85.

Wednesday’s total: $100


There’s a great new coffee place on my route to work that I’ve been dying to try, so I grabbed a drink from there ($5). In the office, I paid $15 for a cafeteria lunch.

When I got home, my boyfriend and I booked flights for our Summer vacation to Europe. Tickets were $400 each. I try to go on vacation a couple times a year. A big one in the Summer, and a trip to see my family during the holidays.

Thursday’s total: $420


Another work-from-home day. I grabbed lunch from the bodega ($10).

When work was done, I got groceries from Trader Joe's ($75). My boyfriend and I take turns paying for groceries, so I won't have this spend next week.

I finished the day going to a casual dinner with my friends at a nearby spot. My total came to $35.

Friday’s total: $120


My boyfriend and I had an extremely chilled weekend, so I didn’t spend much. We cooked all our meals at home, and didn’t go out except on Saturday night, when we went to a bar. My drinks came to $60.

Normally I’d spent way more than this at the weekend.

Weekend total: $60

Week’s total: $932

The money move we love to see 💅

🧖♀️ That quiet weekend?  Obsessed

Christina, it sounds like you’re in a super busy job.

We’re super glad you’re cooking, chilling, and taking time to rest.

Try these small changes. They could make your money go a long way 💙

🛍 Next time you’re in a shopping kinda mood...

  • try out some discount codes online. A few that normally do the trick are: WELCOME10, WELCOME20, FALL10, SUMMER10, SAVE10, and SAVE15. Try a combo of numbers, seasons, and phrases.
  • Go to Groupon. Have a hunt for some deals to make your next night out a great (and cheap) one.

💝 If you do fancy an IRL spree: hit up some thrift stores & small businesses

You’re in NYC, so whatever you get, you can probably make it look cool in some sort of way. You might be the only one wearing 90s jeans that are actually from the 90s.

Anything else from us 💅

I was going to say take a look at your memberships and see what can go. But, you know, Soho House sounds awesome. If it makes you happy, you do you.

Want a go? 🤙

If you’d like to speak to us about your money, go ahead and hit me up at alex.s@meetcleo.com or make an account on UserInterviews and find our survery there (Psssst that site is a great way make some fast cash anyways. Even if you hate our Money Feels series and wouldn't want your spends on our blog even if we whispered sweet sweet words of affirmation into your dms for ever more, it's still a good account to have. Our rate on there is $60 for your time, and we don't use your real name, obviously.

Wherever you’re at with your money, keep going. You got this.

Enjoy this post? Def give it a share or send it along to a friend. You never know, it could make a big difference. And of course, if you want to try the best money app in the world for free, just hit this link right here.

Big love. Cleo 💙

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