May 6, 2022
Money Hacks

What to do when you can’t pay your dumb rent

Paying landlords kinda sucks, huh? Struggling to pay the rent is a common experience, but it can feel completely alienating. Here are the best ways to keep afloat

Rent sucks. Landlords suck.

We all know this, so let's keep this short and sweet and get to the part about wtf you should do if you can't pay your rent


Let's get the easiest (or perhaps most awkward) one out of the way: talk to your landlord.

You don't want to take out a loan only to find out they were happy to negotiate.



Check for late payment fees, tell them when your next paycheck is coming. If you have a good payment history, don’t be shy about reminding them.

Finally: know your rights. Visit and find your tenancy rights by state under “What we do."


Really stuck and need someone on the other end for help? Call 211 ☎️

This service has the most up-to-date information on local support in your area.

These professionals specialize in how to help those struggling to keep on top of food, housing and finances. Expert advice from institutions such as GreenPath can also come for free.

Feels very grown up asking for finance advice, huh?



Time for not-so-free options: dipping into your savings pots is never desirable. But, in undesirable times, know that you are basically loaning yourself money.

Plus, it won’t come with the astronomical interest rate of a payday loan.


Now for the least tasty outcome: debt.

Don't let your fight or flight response urge you to take out a flashy loan or credit card. Find the lowest interest rate available, and if you feel unsure, contact the provider for clarity. But: you must always avoid payday loans – always.

Alternatively, a salary advance might just scoot you over the line if you need it.

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