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What would you do with $44 million? Asking for a friend

We just raised $44M in a Series B round led by EQT Ventures, a very decent group of people. They love companies with a mission to do good. But to be honest, what they were most impressed with, was you. A supportive community of roast lovers chatting to Cleo and helping us build something that makes an impact.

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The Future of Cleo

What do you do with this much cash? Get a massive Patagonia vest? Meh. There’s only like two tech bros that work here. We also love those tech bros for who they are on the inside.

So here’s what we’re gonna do instead. We’re just going to take this money and do what we came here to do – help you get your money right.

What we want for us is to be the financial adviser that talks to you like a real person and isn’t boring as hell to use.

What we want for you is to feel better about money AND be able to make strong money decisions from day one. That’s it.


Obviously we want to give you more than .gifs and roast mode.

So. Tell us what would be helpful. Or a good time?

Multiplayer spending battles?

A proper bank account?

A bunch of ways to improve your credit score?

Nothing’s off limits. Slide into our DMs - we’re listening.

If our mission inspires you to stand up and walk out on your current employer, maybe don’t. But definitely check out our open roles here.

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