Where To Get Free Food On Your Birthday

The cheapest way to celebrate in 2022 🎂

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The question on everyone's minds: where can I get free food on my birthday?

The days of office birthdays spent waiting for a soggy piece of cake and a flat-noted Happy Birthday chorus are over.

No matter when your birthday falls this year, you’re gonna have an actual good time and do it for cheap. If we have it our way, you’re gonna do it for free.

What places give you free food on your birthday?

We’ve rustled up a list of places you can get free breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts on your day.

You might wanna bookmark this. We’ll be updating it constantly.

Quick note before we get into it: we’d never lead to you to pay walls, but most of these places do require you to download their app or sign up to some sort of membership/email club. And they like you to do it at least 7 days before your big day.

So you better get reading. 👇

Where to get your free birthday breakfast

Start your day right. Without spending a penny, obviously.

#1 Bruegger’s Bagels

What you get: a free bagel (duh).

What you gotta do: sign onto their email list.


What you get: a full stack of pancakes. Yeehaw.

What you gotta do: join IHOP’s Pancake Revolution club. Not as intense as it sounds.

#3 Tropical Smoothie Cafe

What you get: ok so this one depends how loyal you are to TSC (abbreviating it shows real loyalty btw). It can range from a $2 reward to a free item on the menu.

What you gotta do: Download the Tropical Smoothie Cafe app

#4 Krispy Kreme

What you get: free donut. 🇺🇸

What you gotta do: become a friend of Krispy Kreme (in writing. You can’t just call your Original Glazed buddy and be done with it).

Also, yes. You should have a donut for breakfast on your birthday.

#5 First Watch

What you get: a free breakfast/brunch (or lunch if you’re running late).

What you gotta do: get a membership to the Sun EClub.

You’re gonna need to wash that down, right?

But you’re not gonna spend money. It’s your birthday for god’s sake.


7 ways to get a free coffee on your birthday

#1 Starbucks (obvs)

What you get: a free snack or drank of your choice

What you gotta do: sign up to Starbucks Rewards (dw, it’s free)

#2 Peet’s Coffee and Tea

What you get: a free coffee.

What you gotta do: sign up for Peetnik rewards.

#3 Au Bon Pain

What you get: a smokin’ hot free coffee and a pastry.

What you gotta do: sign up for Au Bon Pain’s Eclub.

Errrrr bonus point: these guys give you a free cup, too. Isn’t that everything you’ve always wanted and more?

#4 Cinnabon

Cinnabon don’t stop at your free snack. They’re also gonna give you something to compliment it.

What you get: a free iced coffee.

What you gotta do: Be a member of Club Cinnabon (and prove it’s your birthday)

#5 Dunkin’ Donuts

What you get: one free drink.

What you gotta do: come on down and sign up for DD Perks Rewards Program.

#7 Planet Smoothie

Ok it isn’t coffee. But you should probs give the caffeine a break some time anyway. So.

What you get: free smoothie.

What you gotta do: join the Birthday Club. Doesn’t that sound fun?

How to get a free lunch / dinner on your birthday

This one’s a bigger section because there’s so many out there!

Say what you want about corporate America, but dang do they love to treat you!

I’d take a free donut over free healthcare any day!

silently weeps

Anyway, here’s where to get your free food.

#1 Chevys Fresh Mex

What you get: a whole freakin' free meal.

What you gotta do: nothing. Nothing at all.

Bonus point: get a free appetizer too when you sign up to their emails.

#2 Steak n’ Shake

What you get: a double steak cheeseburger and fries.

What you gotta do: sign up to their email list.

#3 Big Boy

What you get: a whooole free meal on your big day.

What you gotta do: join the I Love Big Boy (🙄) email list.

#4 Jersey Mike’s Subs

What you get: one free bday sub. 💅

What you gotta do: sign up for their emails.

#5 Noodles & Company

What you get: big ol’ bowl of noods. Get it.

What you gotta do: join the Family. Sounds intense, but probably less toxic than the one you’ve got now. At least during holiday season.

#6 Benihana’s

What you get: a $30 birthday certificate.

What you gotta do: sign up for Benihana’s Chef’s Table.

#7 Buffalo Wild Wings

What you get: free wings.

What you gotta do: sign up for Blazin’ Rewards.

Money best bit: you don’t even have to get your wings on your actual birthday. You can redeem the offer any time during your bday month. Go off.

#8 Houlihan’s Restaurant and Bar

What you get: a free bday entree.

What you gotta do: join their email club (they also throw in a $10 when you join).

#9 Moe’s Southwest Grill

What you get: a birthday burrito coupon and a free cup of queso. Hallelujah.

What you gotta do: sign up for Moe Rewards.

#10 Sbarro

What you get: a free Big Deal Combo meal on your big day.

What you gotta do: join the ‘Q Crew.

Oh, and you get a $5 coupon just for signing up.

#11 The Spaghetti Warehouse

What you get: free meal, bud. A whole freakin' meal.

How to get it: join the Warehouse Club.

Bonus: do that, and you’re getting a free appetizer with any entree because you’re a member.

Here’s where to get free dessert

Calling your second stomach.

It’s time to put that lactose intolerance to the side, there’s free pudding to be had.

#1 Baskin-Robbins

What you get: free 2.5 ounce scoop on your special day.

What you gotta do: join the joyously named Birthday Club.

#2 Bertucci’s

What you get: one free dessert for you my friend. 💅

What you gotta do: sign up to the brick-oven pizza chain’s email club.

#3 Cinnabon

What you get: a coupon for a good ol’ free snack.

What you gotta do: turn up on your bday and prove your part of Club Cinnabon.

#4 Pizza Hut

What you get: free cinnamon sticks.

What you gotta do: literally just have an online ordering account.

#5 Cheesecake factory

What you get: a free dessert (don’t ask specifics. We don’t know specifics).

What you gotta do: tell ‘em it’s your birthday.

Sometimes they ask you to prove it’s your bday, so take your ID. Or wear a party hat.

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Happy birthday.

Enjoy your free food.

Whatever you do, don’t wear non-elasticated pants.

While you're here, check out where to get free stuff on your birthday, how to get free coffee, or how to get Spotify premium for free. Treat yourself.

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