Where To Get Free Stuff On Your Birthday In 2022

Your guide to birthday freebies in 2022. And it's way more than a birthday gift from Ulta 💅

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Who doesn't love some birthday freebies?

Whether you admit to it or not, we've all sat around and googled "free birthday stuff near me." And why wouldn't you? It's literally free.

Well ok, nothing's really free these days. There's not many places offering free stuff on your birthday without signing up to a newsletter or rewards program.

But that might be a fair trade off.

So before you take the plunge into the world of free birthday stuff online, set up a specific email account and only use that address to sign up for these programs.

That way, you have a whole email address just for free shit! Don’t you just love life!!!

Now, let's start with the most popular of them all... Sephora

How to get the legendary Sephora birthday gift

Sephora is famous for birthday bargain hunters.

What you get: a free gift any time within the month

What you gotta do: Become a Beauty Insider. That’s it. Apart from that, you don’t even have to buy anything. You can just march into your nearest Sephora store and tell the person at the register when you were born. They will reward you for the timings of your entrance into this cruel, cruel world with one of their birthday treats.

Bonus points for them: you can see what your options are right here. Check out the latest Sephora birthday gifts

Where to get free clothes on your birthday

American Eagle

What you get: an exclusive offer for your whole bday month

What you gotta do: sign up for emails

Banana Republic

What you get: bday gift

What you gotta do: sign up for emails (told you. You see how the rest of them are going to go, right?)


What you get: lil birthday gift

What you gotta do: join their Greater Rewards program

(only bother with this one if the thought of the outdoors doesn’t make you wanna vomit into your slanket)

Famous Footwear

What you get: $5 cash (free money! hyperventilating) plus double points on any purchases during the month

What you gotta do: Join their Gold Rewards


What you get: a gift ofc

What you gotta do: sign up for JCPenney Rewards


What you get: $5 birthday certificate 🕺

What you gotta do: be a DSW Rewards program member


What you get: “a birthday surprise” (if I were you I wouldn’t expect much from the overlords of fast fashion)

What you gotta do: make a PLT account


What you get: another birthday gift coming your way

What you gotta do: sign up for Yes2You Rewards

Old Navy

What you get: a bday coupon

What you gotta do: join their Birthday Club

See now, with this one you get to be part of something. Doesn’t that make you feel special?

Where to get free beauty products on your birthday

(in case the TikTok bullies say otherwise: it does look good. Don’t you dare hold back on the glitter)

Bare Minerals

What you get: a free gift on your special day

What you gotta do: join their Friends and Benefits Program

The Body Shop

What you get: $10 gift card to spend on your birthday (and more)

What you gotta do: join the Love Your Body Club


What you get: a gift any time during your birth month

What you gotta do: sign up to their rewards program

Ulta Beauty

What you get: free lil summin summin on your bday plus double points on anything you buy in the month

What you gotta do: join Ultamate Rewards

want more? If you’re Platinum or Diamond in their world, you get an extra freebie


What you get: a birthday gift and double points!

What you gotta do: join the Pure Privilege rewards program

Free birthday things for your pet

Pet Supplies Plus

What you get: free stuff!

What you gotta do: sign up for a Pet Supplies Plus online account


What you get: a coupon for 10% off during your pet’s birthday month

What you gotta do: be a Chewyer (we just made that word up but it sounds right)


What you get: a free gift on your pet’s birthday (🥹)

What you gotta do: join Petco’s palsrewards

if you don’t sign up for this one you don’t love your pet enough. Pass it on.

And if you don't know what to get for your birthday, here's a little inspiration

World Market

What you get: up to 15% off

What you gotta do: sign onto the World Market Rewards Program and opt in for texts


What you get: free points on your big day

What you gotta do: sign up for Disney Movie Insiders

this is the only time it’s acceptable to be a disney adult, btw

Regal Cinemas

What you get: free popcorn plus a birthday reward

What you gotta do: for the reward, sign up to Regal Crown Club. For the buttery goodness, opt in for text messages from them (kinda overkill but fine)

AMC Theatres

What you get: free popcorn & a drank (from the fountain)

What you gotta do: become an AMC Stubs Insider member

Journeys Kidz

What you get: your kids get a gift sent to them in the mail (corporations are so sweet and loving, aw), plus 15% off your next buy!

What you gotta do: join the Kidz Birthday Club

Medieval Times

What you get: free admission on your birthday

What you gotta do: want to go to Medieval Times on your birthday…and sign up for their email updates


What you get:  a birthday discount and double points

What you gotta do: Join AnthroPerks

The Container Store
What you get: birthday freebie, yeehaw 💅

What you gotta do: become a member of POP! (Perfectly Organized Perks!) (that’s one too many exclamation points for our liking!)

What you get: $3 ExtraBucks Rewards

What you gotta do: join the ExtraCare rewards program

Now go have the best goddamn birthday of your life.

Where to get free food on your birthday?

This post is getting a bit long already, so we've made a separate and incredibly kick ass guide of the places that'll hook you up on your special day

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