May 28, 2020

Who is Melissa and how did she spark Random Acts of Relief?

Random Acts of Relief has just launched. It's all about getting gifts of $250 to those of you who need it right now, by crowdsourcing money from those who can afford to give.

ery idea starts somewhere, and this one started with Melissa.

So, who is Melissa?

Proof that wonderful people are out there, basically.

And what did she do?


In true gracious-queen spirit, Melissa messaged us asking whether we could give her $100 salary advance to someone who needed it more. We blew the sentiment up into one huge and fair money redistribution machine.

The world might need more Melissa’s, but we know our Cleo community is full of them. If you need $250 help right now, download Cleo, link your bank account, set your Cleo wallet up (literally just write 'wallet' to Cleo) and you're in the running – find out more about Random Acts of Relief and sit tight 💙

If your wallet's got a bit of wiggle room, get gifting. Why not share it with your friends and fam too, or silent drop it to someone you know who’s baller and could do with some good karma 👀

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