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Row of piggy banks

In our most recent Tuesday email, we paid our respects to the most iconic categories we had seen set up with Cleo’s budget thus far. We asked those of you yet to make some magic whether you could beat them. Let’s see if you succeeded.


It’s no surprise that this is by far our most frequented custom category. Cleo fam, you're a bunch of givers. Who gave you all permission to be so wonderful?


Absolutely no idea who Jason is, but he’s a lucky man. May we all strive to have so much impact on someone, that they put money aside for us weekly. Plot twist, Jason made this Jason and is budgeting for himself. Huge vibe check.


We all know that a dog isn’t for Christmas but a farm, that’s gonna have some real weight on the wallet. Good to see we’re thinking about our profit margins and animal welfare.


Bubble tea budget? Inspired.


A trip to Egypt has never seemed more appealing. And needed. And wanted really really bad. Shall we say Summer 2025?


If you’re doing it, do it properly. Glad to see we’re keeping on top of all of the things. And we are in the midst of a global pandemic, so whatever keeps the days ticking.




Yes. Laughing money. Intrigued to see where this actually goes. Is it streaming comedy gigs online? Buying exclusive meme content? Feather dusters for tickling? Into it.

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