Why Cleo

You got this

Right now, we know a lot of people are looking at a future that doesn’t seem too friendly. But you know what?

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F**k that.

You’re going to make it. You are going to get through this and  t h r i v e

In the meantime though, if we can, we’d like help.

On IG, we’re keeping our community on point with things like:

How to negotiate your rent
Getting your student loans suspended
WTH is a mortgage fee waiver

If the laws change or we figure out some new ways to save, you’ll know about it ASAP.  Watch this space.

The bigger news though – we’re completely reworking Cleo to provide:

Relief Funds – Up to $100 for all Plus users, no questions asked

Caremongering Kits – A new way to help stretch your money and stay positive

Grant finder – To help you access government benefits related to Covid-19

But we know that’s not enough, so we’re also asking you for ideas.

We’ll do our best to make it happen.

Keep safe.
Keep connected.
Keep talking.

Hang tough,

The Cleo Team

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