August 6, 2020

Your pandemic purchases, rated

There are chair socks. You read that right.

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Yes, the pandemic is still going on. Yes, we're back for our third edition of rating your shocking purchases throughout. You'll be pleased to know we're seeing some shifting in the standard of spending. Don’t get us wrong things are still weird. To say the least. But some of you seem to be finding the light. Even if it is in a really sad Covid-style cake candle.

Let's go.


Ok, so not a house. But loads of good things here. One: huge manifestation. Two: felt happy for a second. Three: you got Sushi, which is nowhere near a bad pandemic purchase. 8/10 all round.

Lol fooled us. Next year yeah. Set up a budget?


Hate that we don’t hate them? Saving the floor. Could be used as adorable coin purses for all the money you save on not having to save your floor. Never seen before. 8.5/10


A true attack by 2020. Open flame near mask. Both sad and cute. 5/10.


We all want a bit of comfort right now, sure. But this is actually just terrifying. Think it’s the whiskers. Chop them off and we’ll see you next time. 3/10.


If we’re not all setting up an inflatable bubble budget right now, what ARE we doing? Go on, you’re excused. 10/10.

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Post-lockdown money personalities... tag yourself

Lockdown changed us in many ways. Some of us run now, others live off of TikTok food hacks. One or two of us have vouched to never leave the house again. One thing that the pandemic will have changed in all of us though, is our spending. Here are the personality types we see coming out of the woodwork post-lockdown. Tag yourself.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

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