Budget Budget Budget


You’re not a bad person. But you need a budget. It’s the first step to crushing goals and proving your parents wrong.

Not making this up...

Here's why Cleo’s considered the Best Budget App of 2021 (and probably 2022)

Ridiculously easy set up

An AI assistant (Cleo herself) to help you stay on track

Monthly targets based on your spending

Breakdowns by category

Bill management *chef’s kiss*

Spending and paycheck breakdown.

Why people can’t follow a budget

Not going to name names, but most budget apps just give you a number and expect you to do it on your own. Which is great. If you're a f*cking robot.

But if you get overwhelmed and a bit stressed out with info, Cleo’s got your back. She’ll break stuff down into simple spending updates, advice, hypes, and ofc roasts (because she cares).

signing up takes
2 minutes

Talking to Cleo and seeing a breakdown of your money.