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AI budget planner

See all of your accounts in one place and get an AI budget plan that suits you. Think of Cleo as your own personal AI assistant.

Monthly bill tracker and payment reminders

Never miss a payment again. Stay in-the-know with monthly bill and payment reminders.

Spending tracker

Cleo analyzes your income and expenses by categorizing them to understand where your money is actually going.

AI powered assistant

Wake up in the middle of the night with a million money questions? Chat with Cleo at any time and she’ll respond with your entire financial picture at her digital fingertips.

Roast and hype mode

Looking to improve your self control? Ask Cleo to Roast you. Or if you want some light-hearted motivation, ask Cleo to Hype you. 

Overdraft alerts

Tired of those annoying overdraft fees? Cleo will keep a close eye on your balance and give you a heads up when things look a little low.

Join 5+ million users who are building a life beyond their next paycheck.
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What are our users saying?1

Honestly, whoever is writing for Cleo’s chat client is an absolute genius and the programs they offer actually help you. If you struggle with finances and want a hilarious yet stable solution then download Cleo right now!!”
— Eric Robillard
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Google Play
There’s nothing like getting Roasted by Cleo. Thanks for designing an app that speaks my language.”
— Kimberly Kunkemueller
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Google Play
Cleo is one of the only budget apps that actually worked for me. It helps with income, budgets, bills, and even has a roasting feature. It works extremely well and gives you the reality of your spending.”
— Plorenx
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App Store

How it works

Set your income 💸 
Select your latest paycheck so Cleo knows when you get paid. 
Add your bills ☠️
Check your bills and subscriptions are correct so Cleo can track your outgoings. Leave the math to the AI.
Create your spend limit 🙅
Setting a spend limit is basically the crux of this whole AI budgeting thing. Set yourself a daily spend limit or get one suggested to you based on your recent spending. 


Bank-Level 256-bit Encryption
Your bank login details are never stored.

When Cleo needs to connect to your bank, we use Plaid to securely transfer your data using the latest security technology.
Data protection 
We never sell your data to third parties. Period.
Read-Only Mode
Cleo can only view your transaction data in read-only mode. At no time can Cleo access your accounts. 
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